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Thread: MSPNP or Nismotronic

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2015-01-13 00:08:54
Originally Posted by shagspeed
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Originally Posted by shagspeed

Yes I see your point on the age of the car.. But really has nothing to do with the chassis itself.. Me and Frank (Lurkzone) gutted all wiring of his car and put in a new BCM and ECU on a 20yr old chassis has nothing to do with the chassis .. I am confused though on what you mean one is cheaper/purpose built and all that!! Please explain that part in more detail because There are LOTS of MS's that are PNP and are more cost effective too then other solutions with more features ... Also I make them 100% plugNplay for P11 ... I also wounder why you would say you would never use one on your/a P11 ?? I wounder what misconceptions or if there is something I am overlooking??

No misconception or overlooking anything. The P11 is not something I plan to go so far as to need a MS. Well the kits you sell are cheaper than the ones DIYautotune sells by far! But your price seems spot on with the nismotronic. I personally have no qualms about using a chipped OEM ecu. Its dirt cheap, and loading an modifying bins is super easy, although support has pretty much dropped to nil.

I guess my point if anyone wants to do a 2000 to 2002 p11 there is no option except megasquirt.. Unless you swap all kinds of stuff down to a 99. But I can do them without changing anything under the hood earlier computers didn't have stepper motor control is why I say this..

Actually that makes a lot of sense. Considering people are selling 99 p11 harnesses for $200+.
2015-01-13 02:11:40
Originally Posted by shagspeed
Originally Posted by Jybfan04
Originally Posted by bmexicang
Any vehicle that has gone from a nismotronic to a megasquirt has seen great results. Old ecu's just aren't what they use to be, technology advances and us fwd Nissan guys seem to always get stuck in the past. A nismotronic MIGHT be the easiest way, But I like reach further then taking the easy way out, not only that but I want to extend my knowledge past our reflashed ecu's from 1996. Is a megasquirt easier then a nismotronic... Doubtful, but it is one of the ecu's that allows us to take our vehicles to another level of potential. And that's why I go and will continue to use Shagspeed megasquirt /shaggysquirt.

I'd like to see these great results you speak on. Nismotronic offers the same feature set as a mspnp at a fraction of the cost all while retaining oem ecu. For a lot of people who aren't building all out drag cars Nismotronic is preferable. I can't speak on the support and cs behind the product as well. There is much more behind a product then just the unit itself!

#1 .. I build PNP units for $550 .. I think that is less then Nismotronic . I also include the installation and tuning on it as well with that price.... You bring the car you leave super happy or your money back...
#2 Same features it does not.. MS has way more features then Nismotronic .. NOT EVEN CLOSE ... Wideband per port /EGT Per Port with trim control and EGT unsafe level shuts down engine / Fully progressive NOS control or multi stage fuel added via injectors / Return-less fuel system with pressure sensor that can monitor and adjust fuel pressure in the rail on a PWM Pump / Oil presure sensor that can create a table of acceptable oil pressure for given RPM & Load because 35PSI at 8000RPM is bad and will shut down the engine and MS also has its own CEL that will let you know what was tripped as you can define your own CEL variables ... So I think MS does a bit more then others.. Thats only scratching the surface too.. Alot more it can do .. We can also tune on MAF/MAP,Alpha-N or ITB (simulated switch points) and blend any one if you want to use MAF and MAP for example at the same time.

#3 As far as support goes .. When it comes to Propitiatory solutions such as AEM,Haltech,Nistune,Nismotronic if something goes wrong you have to goto the only source... MS there are thousands of providers as its an open platform much like Open Source .. You can download the source code if you wish and all hardware diagrams and BOM are available.. So if someone doesn't like my support they have options .. You don't get that anywhere else .. So with that said others can't even start to compare tell they release there source code & hardware diagrams ..

I could care less about selling MS.. Its not what I do for a living.. I own my own IT Firm and that's my income (Far more then I could ever make doing car stuff) .. With that said hardware hacking is in my blood and I love to teach what I know.. So if anyone anytime wants to learn just let me know.

Like I said before, I don't have any issues with MS. To be fair, I don't see the purpose of comparing a product that's been around far longer than another that's been around for only a few years. MS has a ton a features, and to be fair so does Nismotronic and is spot on with other products similar to it whether it's Kpro, ECULink, Hondata, and other OEM Real Time ecu solutions. Also, the price point for Nismotronic is the same as MSPNP. I would like to say it's nice seeing other folks speak up on other ecu solutions for our motors.
2015-01-23 04:34:03
Well the Nemu board came in the mail today. Soldering the board in tomorrow, and going to run the startup calibration that John recommended for me. Wish me luck guys.
2015-01-24 00:18:36
Board is installed, wideband is wired to ecu, I'm running the startup that John recommended. Car is running great so time to make it better. I had a few small issues, or more of user error on the software and John got it straightened out for me. So far I'm very happy with the board and customer service.
2015-02-05 03:12:30
I am currently running nismotronic in a s13 with redtop sr20det
550cc injectors

I couldn't be happier with nismotronic. John is always very helpful if I ever have a question or need tuning help...not to mention he's always quick to reply, and the nismotronic software is well written and incredibly capable. I love that it makes diagnosing mechanical issues much easier, no buying the wrong part and hoping its the fix.
I wish it was available on all platforms

(just ordered a stream 7 tablet from amazon, thanks zeneffect!)
Last edited by remy on 2015-02-05 at 03-16-38.
2015-02-05 15:08:53
Nismotronic can't pass emissions for OB2 cars correct? Or can it be made to pass?
2015-02-09 22:51:01
Originally Posted by FormerRSXSowner
Nismotronic can't pass emissions for OB2 cars correct? Or can it be made to pass?

You might have an problem with ODB2 ... I have been looking into making MegaSquirt PASS with an OBD2 Simulator that sends out clean to all systems and CANBUS will display the realtime engine RPM and other sensors... The only thing is that OBD2 sims are not allowed to be used in an actual car.. So a Proof of concept HOWTO might be the only thing you will find in time .. It will be up to you..
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