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Thread: Nissan tachometer

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2014-07-18 23:26:02
Nissan tachometer
Anyone know what signal our nissan tachs want to see per rev?

The option Tacho can be calibrated to match the engine speed by using the crank
sensor input signal. This is achieved by multipling the number of output pulses/rev
required by the constant 2. Divide the pickup sensor teeth on the crankshaft by this
number. See the formula below.

Tacho = Crank Teeth / (Required Output Pulses/Rev x 2)
Example: The requirement is 2 output pulses/rev with a 12 tooth pickup sensor
mounted to the crankshaft.

2 (output pulses/rev) x 2 = 4
12 (crank teeth) / 4 = 3 (Tacho)

From the equations above, set Tacho to 3. This will allow the signal to turn ON after
3 teeth, turn OFF after 3 more teeth, ON after 3 more teeth, and OFF after 3 more
teeth for a total of 2 complete (ON/OFF) pulses.
2014-07-19 19:25:48
most are 2p newer nissans are 8p
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