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Thread: Ignition related jerking...

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2014-04-10 22:13:39
Ignition related jerking...
AEM v1

For some time, at low rpms ( < 4k), i get this random jerking after shifting gears.
I didnt know know what was causing it.
I think i just found the what... (see picture) the ignition timing is dropping to -17 (blue line)
At first I thought it was AFR related... but looks like ign is the cause... I just dont know why its doing that.
Dizzy about to take a shit?

Anyone have any ideas or know what I should start looking at to figure this out?
I really dont want to miss bringing my NX to the convention....again.

2014-04-11 16:59:38

any ideas?
2014-04-11 21:48:51
2014-04-12 01:22:42
Just not sure.

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2014-04-12 12:02:05
Im going to try reloading the firmware on the aem, then loading the cal back
2014-04-15 18:19:03
@unijabnx2000 - You are welcome to shoot me over your calibration and logs and I can see if I can lend a hand.
2014-04-15 18:57:34
Originally Posted by JKTUNING
@unijabnx2000 - You are welcome to shoot me over your calibration and logs and I can see if I can lend a hand.

Shoot me your email.
I havent taken any more logs since I re-uploaded the firmware and cal, b/c ive only driven it once since.
But I'll def send you what I have.
2014-04-16 00:41:28
Awesome, nice to have some help out there. I can only help so far. When these quirky things pop up I am at a loss. Not to mention, I haven't had a running car in about a year now and I am losing my skilllzzzzz.

2018-05-31 08:52:27
The fix?
What was the end of the story? My p11 is doing the same thing in 3rd gear cruising.
2018-05-31 12:16:21
Not entirely sure but Unijabnx last I know bought a 370Z and still has the NX. What the fix was, I hope he logs on and sees this bump.

Check MAF voltage throughout the range?
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