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Thread: AEM EMS Series 1 repin?

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2014-03-28 03:33:48
Perhaps so, but with the aem forums down its anright bitch finding any of this sort of info.
2014-03-28 14:55:17
Putting this in here in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread...

canx2k and I both have the Honda OBD0 AEM EMS S1 PN# 30-1080

Changes needed so far:
1) Make jumper between OBD0 and OBD1 plugs
2) Change jumper (internal) on EMS to read Hall type CAS (still need more info on this)
3) Change distributor disc to 24+1 (remember 50mm OR 54mm discs exist)

AEM 50mm CAS Disc
CAS Disk for SR20DET RWD, KA24DE (50mm OD)
AEM 54mm CAS Disc
CAS Disk for SR20DET Pulsar GTiR (54mm OD)

More to come...
2014-03-28 20:54:17
More stuff:
Harness conversion
30-660x cas trigger
30-1600 CAL MAP file
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2014-03-29 01:49:22
54mm dis is for RWD and GTiR, 50mm disc is for the DE and DET FWD. I ran 50mm OEM cas disk with no issues. I decided to go with the aem 24-1 disc for my COP setup because I was hoping to rev to 8200 or so and I heard that over 7500 you can get timing issues with the stock disc. All previous setups I had didn't go over 7500 RPM (didn't need to).

I wonder two things:

Are you buying honda units because they are cheaper?
Why wouldn't you buy the EMS-4 with universal harness and have it all new if you are going to go through all that wiring?

2014-03-29 05:11:00
We all know a thread is lame without pictures. I picked up my EMS yesterday and tonight I had to get cracking on it and tear it open to have a peak!

Here are my harness parts...

Very easy to get open. Separating the daughter board takes a little patience and some balls...

Here is how the internal jumpers were setup for a Honda. I switched the cam sensor to HALL (JPT2). The injector driver transistors were all engaged. The manuals list the same ignition setup from Honda to Nissan so I assume these remain driven.

As it sits now I have pinned the Honda plugs and will solder up the Nissan side tomorrow. I plan to make a quick harness using these oem wires and do a correct job shortly after I verify the engine runs. I also need to decide what I will use from the OEM harness to run the VVL solenoids and my nitrous solenoids.

I would like to just rewire the entire harness here but that will have to wait a few months since I can't bare to go without my B13 right now!

@coach - Yeah I am just cheap. I couldn't pass up the $380 price tag for this. The EMS-4's look awesome and I was eyeing them right up until this posted on ebay. Besides changing everything is fairly easy so far to save $3-500 seems worth it to me! I currently have a G20 distributor wheel but I do plan to initially try starting it with the 360+4 wheel. I also have to get another O2 for my innovate wideband, that darn thing goes through sensors like crazy.
2014-03-29 05:16:08
Seeeexxxxx. Nice work. Helps me get the kahoonas to stop clicking my mouse and just get at it.
2014-11-26 03:35:47
Well 6 months goes by and I finally got off my a** and soldered my conversion harness the other night....guess now that it is too cold outside to mountain bike I am starting to get back to my electronics projects....I want to try and crank her initially with the OEM 360+4 wheel in there so I have the ability to revert back to stock ecu if needed.

I was able to link up the Honda pinout with each Nissan pin pretty easily (that is assuming everything works right).

One issue I have and maybe @BenFenner or @coach could assist me with it. The Main Relay coil ground is activated when the ECU sees +12V at the ignition switch (on the Nissan version of the AEM). The Honda box does not appear to have this dedicated output. Unless it is one of the grounds with a I/O of "output"? If not can I use a switched ground, say Coil #2, and have it turn on when the ECU sees +12V at the ignition switch? Also, there is a Main Relay control option under: setup>advanced>MainRelayCntrl but I am unable to find how to link it to an output..etc.

None of that makes much sense (sorry..tired), I should probably try calling AEM tomorrow afternoon....
Last edited by Dudeman258 on 2014-11-26 at 03-39-18.
2014-11-26 03:51:54
Update: Ignore the above, I just found the AEMPro user guide and I need to read through it tomorrow before asking any more questions without knowing what I am even asking. I'll leave the question there just in case I can't find anything out Ok, now I am going to bed.
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