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Thread: B13 Basic ECU from Nemu to Gtir Engine

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2014-02-05 10:41:03
B13 Basic ECU from Nemu to Gtir Engine
Hello everyone!

Just want to know anyone had tried the chipped b13 ecu from sr20de to gtir engine?
2014-02-05 11:43:52
Not sure what your asking here but the nismotronic SA Nemu will run a GTIR engine like a dream.
2014-02-05 14:07:34
sorry to confuse you. what i mean is that the basic b13 chipped ecu. like the calum basic... had tried to gtir engine.
2014-02-05 14:12:46
Do you want to keep the GTIR engine harness?

Most guys use the US engine harness that came with the car, and modify the harness to work on the engine.

If you use a US engine harness, then yes you can use a chipped b13 ECU to run a GTIR set up.
2014-02-05 16:20:32
yes i use the gtir engine harness. and as far as i check about the pin outs it seems that they are have the same pin outs with the b13 US ecu. So i assume that it should be work?

Actually I got a chip b13 from JK but it was tune for DE before. but then I ask him before if it would be possible to use on gtir and he says yes. However when i try to burn the gtir bin for my gtir engine. First start it's fine but after around 5 mins when i try to push the accelerator. it only limit 1.7k rpm and bouncing back and doesn't rev up. but if i let it idle it runs fine. So want to know if anyone had same experience in using chip b13 ecu.
2014-02-05 17:55:50
it appears that the ecu pinouts are the same


are your radiator fans turning on with the key on acc?

is this in a b13 or rnn14 car?
2014-02-05 18:58:23
yes my fan is on when keys is on. since i'm on the opposite side of the world so it's bit summer here. it's on my b13 car with gtir engine. currently i'm running on stock ecu and it's all fine. only when i test the basic chipped ecu which has some issues.
2014-02-05 19:44:32
the fans turning on is a sign of a bad ecu or chip or .bin.

check all of your daughterboard connections, ecu pins, make sure the chips are seated properly and facing the correct direction. if all of that is good, get your tune reburnt onto your chips.

your chips should have identical tunes, not stacked.
2014-02-05 23:08:34
you can not use a GTi-R stock bin on a USDM ecu. Just copy the info over onto the DE tune you already have or just modify the DE tune to suite your needs
2014-02-06 10:16:45
@D-Unit121 I was also thinking about it too. but when i try to burn another tune on the chip so far it performs erase , program and verify buffer and itshow success!. So it might be a right bin file to use for gtir engine.


Can't I use the gtir-factory.bin? If so do you have a stock unmolested bin for b13 that I can use to make work for gtir engine?. As I having trouble about it now. when I turn back the stock gtir ecu it runs fine. will appreciate your help
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