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Thread: SR20VE TCD File Wanted

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2013-10-17 04:57:36
SR20VE TCD File Wanted
i've done tons of searching but can't find all that much. just got a nismotronic ecu and used the startup calibration, obviously it's just a start up. engine is stock internally with i/h/e and an e60 maf. fuel is 93 oct. my buddy is a tuner and wants to play around with the ve, he is not just some guy who thinks he can tune. he just set a world record for stock engine ms3, just so that's cleared up. he wants to learn more about the ve but isn't familiar with it.

so something as a start that can show him the basics and he can work off of it to start. something that will be safe to load and drive but can use some tweaking. we have access to dyno time and i have no problem sharing results and numbers and maps.

so if anyone has a tcd that fits this or a fuel and timing map to start with that would be great. please let me know! thanks

using Nismotronic SA
2013-10-17 05:16:35
pop charger as well. i know it's basic, but the old tune started running 16.5:1 afrs. plus, the engine is getting torn apart for an all motor build over the winter. that was the point of the nismotronic
2013-10-17 12:13:00
If it is running, it will just need to be adjusted as needed. I would first dial in the injector size to get the AFRs close on the stock map, then adjust the map as needed.
2013-10-18 14:31:10
SR20VE TCD File Wanted
Yup I have the same set up as you ser but I. A little lost as to why your asking do you need a base tune? And on NISMO Trinidad base tune that's what I was running so if you upgraded the maf you gonna have to refigure the k value then adjust the fuel map but I have a k value that will work great with e60 maf and the stock 333 just pm

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2013-10-18 15:18:45
Download the NEW startup Calibration.zip folder here.

NismoTronicSA DEMO Download

This has the SR20VE startup calibrations in it.
2013-10-23 03:16:32
thanks for the couple i had sent to me, also found the new downloads. should be good to go, hoping to have the n1's in within a week or so
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