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Thread: Now that the VE is gone would it be worth a reprogram of the JWT ECU to the POP tune.

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2013-10-16 22:09:07
Now that the VE is gone would it be worth a reprogram of the JWT ECU to the POP tune.
My G20 with the VE is off the road for a while. The VE likely needs some work.

Would it be worth getting the JWT ECU reprogrammed from VE to POP for my other G20? It's a daily driver but I like to enjoy a well working machine with some gut and smooth powerband all the way to redline. It runs so darn strong stock, still gets 34 MPG. I was thinking of this setup:

-Stock '99 ECU or JWT POP program
-91-93 Intake cam
-WAI or stock
-2.25 header
-2.5" stock cat
-2.25" mandrel bent cat back system from Mandrel Exhaust Systems with an 18" Magnaflo resonator
-either the Borola muffler included with the MES cat-back or the stock Infiniti, depending mostly on sound.

I thought about going 2.5" but the HKS 2 3/8" kit I bought for the sr20 B15 was way too loud. Once I put an 18" Magnaflo resonator and Maxima muffler, it sounded much better and I noticed little loss even with the VE. I figure with smaller diameter piping, but mandrel bent, it would flow better than stock but not too loud to have to ditch the borola muffler for stock.

Since the mods are basic, I'm wondering if it is worth it to use the JWT ECU. Running premium fuel isn't that big of a deal, I've had to do that for years now. I'm wondering if the tuned ECU will be felt much.

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2013-10-17 11:22:58
Based on the description of your situation and objectives, I would recommend that you skip the JWT reprogram and just bump your timing to 19*. This will require you to run hi-test fuel, but should give you most of the gains that you would get from the JWT ECU program.

I am sending you a pm about cams and header.

2013-10-20 22:27:05
Can't wait to get that header and cams. I did advance timing to 17 degrees. I think I'll also confirm that the dampener is aligned and showing the timing correctly. I made the timing change after adding the SSAC 2.5" header to the stock cat-back. There's lots of peaks and dips through the band. It seems to be OK on top but the daily driving range is nowhere near as smooth as the stock header. I am using a different O2 that's been mated to the SSAC header.

I'll stay with the stock ECU until everything is added. But I wonder if advancing base timing is just turning a range up or down without expanding the range. I'm wondering how much JWT spends on the general POP tune. I would think standard programming for stock injectors, MAF and redline would be all I need. Thinking the timing map adjustments would be beneficial. Though, the VE program they have makes it a funky chicken on cold starts. I've heard the maps aren't tuned well for daily driving on a cold motor.
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