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Thread: Calibrating o2 to nismotronic

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2013-10-12 02:03:09
Calibrating o2 to nismotronic
Does anyone know how to calibrate an o2 sensor to nismotronic?

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2013-10-12 08:21:20
Huh? Please be a little more descriptive..

Are you talkin about your wideband? If so theres 2 options usb and 0 to 5v signal from wideband to break out box.. you just wire it up (plenty of info if u search) then after that u can make the numbers match your wideband gauge by adjusting the offset.

For usb connection u gotta have a wideband capable of usb/serial output then u just select your wideband and com port in the settings under the wideband shit.. this method doesnt usually require anything an should match the gauge perfectly..

If you mean stock sensor well all the wirings there u just gotta make sure the closed loop is enabled an the narrowband box is checked..

However you can use the wideband in place of the stock o2 sensor if you do the 0 to 5v method.. you can also program it for desired afr in the crusing an light throttle areas.
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2013-10-12 13:13:03
Calibrating o2 to nismotronic
Ok got it thanks a lot lynch

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2013-10-13 06:00:45
so which was it im curious lol
2013-10-13 15:54:26
Calibrating o2 to nismotronic
I'm using the 0-5v to the break out box th afr is close to the AEM gauge but the nismotronic fluctuates a little more than the AEM guage

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2013-10-13 17:52:29
ah ok, ya thats pretty normal, as long as its reading basically the same numbers
2013-10-13 19:13:36
If you can, setup the direct connection via serial port and log both values. then compare and adjust the 0-5v if necessary.
2013-10-13 21:59:42
Calibrating o2 to nismotronic
Sounds good thanks a lot for the help guys

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