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Thread: Intake manifold

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2013-09-09 20:55:25
Re: Intake manifold
Saw that on the ecu

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2013-09-09 23:05:32
Google seems to suggest that is a U14 SR20DE ecu and if that is the case it will run the Engine correctly. Someone with JDM nissan fast can verify for u.

Do you have green or red injectors? Under the grey plugs you will see the color of the injectors. If you have Green injectors(SR18) u would be running way lean on top end and this would cause the drop off at higher rpm, all the other stuff should be ok, the MAF should be black plastic, Hitachi AFH-14 I think and temp sensor should be correct.
2013-09-10 02:06:24
Re: Intake manifold
Ok bro will check in the morning and see.

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2013-09-11 01:34:57
Re: Intake manifold
Checked it bro Red injectors, so dats a relief,

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2013-09-16 15:57:23
well sensors, injector & ecu are correct so u got to look elsewhere, it can be an air intake restriction make sure air filter is clean, clean maf sensor, fuel restriction check fuel filter, verify fuel pressure, check condition of plugs and their gap.

got to be something simple.
2013-09-16 17:17:54
Re: Intake manifold
Hmm how much thou in gap for plugs or shud i use a hacksaw blade for average and wat about the tp sensir wud dat give such a problem as far as the intake is cobcerned i think ill try getting my injectors ckeaned and check the fuel pressure
2013-09-18 03:21:43
A feeler gauge is pretty inexpensive, 1.0mm for copper, 1.1 mm for iridium.

TPS u would need to use a voltmeter or easer using consult. generally u want around 0.5v at throttle closed(car warm) and 4.5~4.8V at full open.

clean injectors is always a good thing
2013-09-18 12:01:56
Re: Intake manifold
ok great i have a gauge So ill check the Space and would the tps sensor Cause that type of problem ? ' i believe its a fuel issue tho im not sure if there is more fuel needed as the car accelerates past second gear etc.

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