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Thread: Intake manifold

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2013-09-09 00:58:15
its a lowport roller rocker motor judging by the intake and valvecover. since its uk spec the the compressions should be 10.0:1 I think.

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what are your goals with the motor? more power?
2013-09-09 01:12:57
Re: Intake manifold
I got the intake in the car with an sr18 engine n swapped with sr20 head and block, but i understand what u meant and is that a good or bad thing this roller rocker thing and yea more power is the plan, the engine accelerates very mean but dies in top end power

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2013-09-09 01:37:27
this is what I would do personally.
ssac header
1991 1999 Nissan Sentra Ser 200SX SR20DE 2 0L Stainless Header B13 B14 | eBay

full exhaust

new air intake

do these 3 things and ull notice a huge difference
2013-09-09 13:18:04
Re: Intake manifold
Ok thank you bro you have been a big helpapreciate it, 1 more thing, any difference with performance plugs and wires, and lighter flywheen n cams?

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2013-09-09 14:24:28
Originally Posted by ga16eats
rr=roller rocker= looks like a lowport but with a horrible intake manifold lol

Don't forget USDM Roller Rockers are different then the rest of the world. UK eventually switched to USDM styled RR with same intake manifold. Before that JDM Roller rockers had the same manifold that @Diligent Charlii currently has.

See: http://www.sr20-forum.com/information-library/68796-sr20ve-vs-roller-rocker-how-tell-them-appart.html
2013-09-09 16:13:50
The UK spec GT engine was sold exclusively in Japan in the Hatchback or lift back whatever u want to call it P11.

This is an engine bought used from Japan, all the ones I have seen have the same intake as all the other JDM Roller Rocker, engines. Same black cover as the VE but minus the NEO VVL badge. The same style of (unboltable plenum, low port) JDM manifold.

You said u bought a head/block so I would infer u are using the SR18 ECU still. -> This is the source of your problems.

That engine would normally have a BOSCH ecu.
2013-09-09 17:02:16
Re: Intake manifold
woow thanx but not sure what those people had in the car, the guys who installed rhe head and vlock said the previous owner installed the sr18 head an block but it worked with the sr20 manifold, maybe the only difference is the size of the injector ports maybe and would any sr20 bosch ecu work with this engine if i were to buy one?

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2013-09-09 17:30:44
Re: Intake manifold
Most of our late model ones have this valve cover. Notice the round corner of the spark plug tunnel near the oil filler cap.

Saw that in the post link that was posted there and that describes mi.e when looking at the others,
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2013-09-09 18:23:29
18 and 20 manifold is the same. what ECU do you have? look for a part number on it, it will start 23710- or 2371M-

Remove the kick panel on the passenger side (RHD) forward of the center console and u will see the ECU there.
2013-09-09 20:40:06
Re: Intake manifold
Yea saw the ecu there sum time ago will check it and post

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