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Thread: RC 750cc injectors duty cycle to high ?

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2013-06-23 16:36:23
Originally Posted by Serz

AFR is at WOT 12 , maf v is 4,53v , inject duty 92%
I will try play with latency (lower it) and see what it will change !

with 4.53v you would be anywhere from 350-365whp. That's pretty good, but with 750cc injectors I don't think you should be at that high of a duty cycle.

Are you sure the injectors are 750cc's? I know RC makes different sizes. Is there a way to confirm they're 750cc?
2013-06-23 17:05:54
Yes i buy this injectors straight from rc company and its marked like pl4-750d !
Tryed play today with latency but not getting better .
If i set it like rc says 13v 0.32ms 14v 0.24ms i need to adjust maf load to 4700 to idle fine and then its not good because i hit max maf load and on max load its like 75% duty . Today i setted it to 13 v 0.70ms and 14 0,65ms. maf load 3200 its still hitting so high 85% duty.
Need to go bigger injectors if tuning not helps ?!
2013-06-23 17:16:47
the latency is so the ecu knows when to inject the fuel. It wont have an affect on your duty cycle
2013-06-29 13:31:40
I think i have solved my duty cycle problem ! Tody i have rewired my Walbro 255 fp because i have measured the voltage with stock wiring and its show me 10.9v at wot. Now it wired direct from battery with relay and pump have 13,9v on . Car works better and duty cycle at WOT is very good 70% and i have a 11 stabile afr at WOT , the fuel pressure also is strong and no droping. So i think that the re-wiring fuel pump helps me alot.
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