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Thread: IACV and Initial Timing

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2013-01-23 01:02:13
Originally Posted by blackngreenb14
@gomba, Thanks for the link. I've found quite a few designs online for these. It did seem strange that this one would tell you to remove the intake piping to the turbo inlet... I guess it wouldn't matter much if you had a blow through MAF and a solid pipe to your filter though... as you know, not my case. Thanks again for coming and taking a look last night.

@jktunning, It's funny that you mention that, I was telling @gomba last night that I should record a log of the idle and post it on the forum. I'll get a log this evening and send it over. I'm running 550cc injectors (or so I'm told, I got them with the car), a Z32 MAF, and a Walbro 255 HP. My S4 cams are out of the picture, but I am running the cams from my DET, so they should be a little hotter than the stock DE cams... I would think. I asked you for a tune a little while back for this setup with the S4 cams, I believe that is the one I'm still running. Could that make a difference?

We're thinking that the fuel pressure is turned up a bit high... I'll be stopping by HF to pick up ANOTHER 10mm wrench. Ugh. I honestly need to spend some of my car funds on a decent tool box.

I'm also going to get new spark plugs. I'm sure the ones I have a fouled and could be causing part of my problem. I was told to pick up some BKR7E plugs. I'm also going to keep the factory gap for now so I can work out this idle issue.

Thanks for the help guys! I can't wait to get this baby on the road. I'm looking to test drive this weekend.

If those are the same injectors of the previous owner(s) the injectors are MSD 50lb top feeds. Ya, your fuel pressure was at 48psi with no vacuum(just pinch/fold/crease the vacuum hose coming off the FPR). About 4psi off from 43/44(43.5 to be exact, which is 3 bar).

Definitely do the boost leak test. This should reveal any vacuum leaks you have with (relative) ease. It pressurizes your intercooler piping, but it will also pressurize your intake manifold so any air that's escaping there will be obvious. Just listen for hissing or air escaping. Could be stuff just isn't tightened down well enough as well. Could be nothing more than a bad clamp/hose or bolt that needs tightening.

Good luck!

p.s. not sure why this was moved to tuning section..
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2013-01-23 05:32:47
I did a test everywhere I could in the engine bay with propane and couldn't find a vacuum leak. I'm going to get some carb cleaner tomorrow and try around the injectors a little more. It's difficult to them on the lowport with the torch nozzle.

I took a video of my boost gauge while idling and revving a bit. Looks like it's doing what it's supposed to, just not enough vacuum at idle.

There is one hard line attached to the same splitter that comes off of the FPR vacuum line. It goes through the firewall, but I'm not sure what it attaches to on the other side. I'm going to pull it, cap the fitting, and see what happens.

Here's the vid:

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