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Thread: E85 tuning on very tight budget

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2012-06-18 21:35:49
E85 tuning on very tight budget
I had this in my head for a while... situation in Europe is, that you have to pay 1.75usd to 2usd per liter of 95RON (like 91MON in the USA). Thats probaly twice more than you pay...
E85 is a lot cheaper and it has much higher octane ration. Driving cheaper and faster sounds good, aint it?

Im doing very cheap budget test. Im testing it on my EUDM P11 with SR20De (one of the underpowered SR version, its RR DE rated @ 130HP. It has less agressive cams and different ECU that other version).

Only thing ive did was installing cheap (5usd), used FPR and setting it to 4bar (close to 30% more fuel over 91RON) and bumping timing a bit.

For now, it does feel much faster than before on 95RON, will see after a little more testing, tuning and then dyno it to see results.

I do have a question about AFR, especially in closed loop. If it can be lean or that 4bar setting will cover it? Please, tuner guys, chime in...

2012-06-19 07:53:49
NO, you have to use 30 percent more gas. E85 have less energy content. But it burns cooler and have high anti knock rating like race gas. The only way it is advantagous is for you to run alot of timing to save gas, very high compression or very high boost.
2012-06-19 09:56:06
Im on 4bar right now, which is a little over 30% more fuel. Its stock RR DE with 10:1.
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