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2011-10-21 23:27:55
I'm running one of the 14point7 widebands. It is in a similar location as it would be if it had a J-Pipe, but I have a side exit exhaust.

Quick question, am I focusing on the red areas of the Primary No Feedback Fuel Map? What about the areas outside of it? Or are those the ones I should be focusing on?
EDIT: The red areas are the areas of lower engine load and rpm (relatively at least) and this is the feedback area. That's what it appears to be at least.

Also, should I just the fuel and timing rpm scaling? It only goes to 6800 and I assume it just uses that for the rest of the RPM range?


We went tuning again tonight, and we changed all of the 180's to 200, then 192, and I think we were at about 200 again in the feedback cells, except it decided to change them all to 100 which is where it is now. I added 10 to all of the other cells and was able to lower the k value to about 39000 which I think is still a bit high. Somehow, it now is a lot leaner at idle and cruise (like 14-16) but under load and boost it stays between 11 and 11.8ish which is good. The one thing that irritates me though is that the launch control just stopped working. We tried a different bin and everything... it's just gone. Any reason why the feedback values (in the no feedback map) would change from 200 to 100 by themselves? They did and it really had no effect on the car, might explain the leaner cruise and idle?
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2011-10-22 04:44:10
Does 14point7 have any suggestions on where to put the wideband? I know that AEM says at least 18" on NA and 36" on turbo. Jpipe is wayyy to close at least for AEM. If you put it too far the mixture reads too rich, I'm not sure what closer will do besides overheating the sensor and shortening the life.

You can only modify the feedback areas in the feedback map. Otherwise it will go to 100 like it did for you. When you open the feedback map, you will see those 192's change to 00's.

You can increase your RPM, you don't have to though, unless your reving above 7500. Having your TP high enough is more important. To keep it simple keep both of the RPM scales (Fuel and Timing tables) the same. Though Nissan had different values, but it makes it easier to tune.
2011-10-22 12:40:36
The thing is though, we didn't mess with the feedback map (as far as I know, I was telling my friend what to do while I was driving). I'm calling the red cells in the no feedback map, feedback cells? As in they are the ones where the O2 Sensor will be used if the value is at or above 192 correct? These should be the main values for cruise and idle aren't they?

As for the 02 sensor, I wanna say it's a little further downstream then where it would be on a j-pipe; I'll have to look though.

I'm also curious, is it a bad idea to upload an entirely new bin with the car running/moving? What about fuel map adjustments (with save and commit)?
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2011-10-22 17:29:23
That's the problem though, you messed with feedback areas outside of the feedback map. Calum's XDF limits the fuel cells to be no bigger then 100. Thus when you try to enter even 192, it will lower it to 100. But if you open the feedback map, you will see values in the 10's instead of 100's, that's where you should adjust them.

I updated my beginners guide, I noticed where it would be confusing in the guide . I suggest you reread the Fuel Map section, and see if it clears it up for you.

You can upload the whole bin while you are driving as long as it is the same bin as you uploaded originally. TunerPro has the ability to enter into Emulation mode, then any changes you make are uploaded in the real time
2011-10-22 19:11:51
It actually makes perfect sense now! That's what we were confused about... Gonna give it another shot tonight if I can afford the gas (burned atleast $40 so far on this lol).
2011-10-23 01:08:03
Well, we just went and tried again with little success. The fuel map apparently does nothing. We set all of the feedback cells in the feedback map to 0 (not in the nonfeedback map this time lol), and we added plus 50 to every non feedback cell in the non feedback map and it didn't change anything either. The only things that have any effect are the k value, TTP Max (brought AFR down on the top end) and injector latency (lowered to .50 so the idle afr would be bearable so 14:1 ish).

I'm all out of ideas right now... Need someone to look through my program again and see if I'm just not adjusting the right thing or what. This is getting a little lame :/.
2011-10-23 02:01:47
Upload your new bin with your good K value
2011-10-23 04:00:08
Here it is, it's not pretty but it runs damn good (still pretty rich).

Sorry for the delay, we just got back from driving the crap out of the car. We also went and snuck into a place with a scale... It weighs 2260lbs with 1/3 tank of gas

We got launch control working again as well!
2011-10-23 04:09:02
Those 180's look a little odd, but I've seen the stock tune go below 192's in some places.

Since your not running an O2 sensor, I would disable it too, it's the O2 sensor Flag.

Now you said you haven't seen much difference when adding fuel from the fuel table? How much did you add? If you get your AFR's at 14.7 while cruising, then you would need to get your partial-full throttle areas increased by a lot. Say your 35 right now, you will need to go to probably 60 or so.

On my NA VE setup with 520cc injectors, my K value is at 3k, my WOT areas are in the 50's.
2011-10-23 04:15:10
What are you looking at? My primary map is like crazy rich (192's in the feedback cells, and 100 everywhere else). By turning off the O2 sensor flag, will it allow it to just run off of the non feedback map? Do you think it might be looking at the secondary map for some reason?
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