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Thread: consult cable

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2011-09-08 19:52:48
Later when my son is in the house ill take pics of it plugged in and showing data.
2011-09-09 04:09:12
Good low cost option if it works, few small changes won't really test it out. Logging a 10+ minute driving session and/or doing some extended real time tuning without dropouts is really the only way to know if its stable, and i hope that it is.

Little bit bulky too, that's a lot of dongle to have hanging out of the dashboard.

Another reason (partly) why you pay more for the more refined products is the compact size.

2011-09-14 03:09:22
Yah but if it works it works. This thing is built like a fucking tank.
And i took it out for a hour drive to run errands, never lost connection once with it in the passenger seat.

Sure the more "refined" thing is great, but when you really plan on tuning your car, you hide stuff and leave it in so its accesable and you dont loose it. Im tucking this thing up in the dash, bringing the cord down the passenger side of the console so i can just pull the usb and tune. So why does it have to be small and compact when its going to be put up in the dash. Im sorry, 30 bucks when it works and will last beats out over 100 bucks for a piece of cable. Anything over 50 bucks for a cable is ridiculous, no matter what its for, its to hook your car to your computer, not to go back in time and handle a flux compacitor.

And a lil update. Using a real plms cable we had a dropuout, and once that caused nistune to freeze on us because of it. With this i havent had a issue. I dont mean to make it sound like im hostile in my post, but 30 bucks compared to 100 in my book, is worth it. Specially when its not going to be moved around constantly in and out of the car over and over again.

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2011-09-14 03:10:26
once again, function > form!
2011-09-14 03:21:08
^ exactley. Nice thign iis its got a light to like the plms cable to let you know if its working or not. And it plugs on nice and smooth. Ive tryed it on a buddies se-r as well and conzult worked fine on his car while ehcking things out. Plus im a tech kid, im good with making shit work when it comes to electronics. As my wife says, i can pull some strange ideas out of my ass and make them work great.

When i have someone watch my son ill take a video of this thing working with my buddy recording and shit to show no dropouts or problems.
2011-09-14 14:43:25
I had one of those expensive PLMS cables and it never worked right. It would talk to all of my SE-R's, but not some b14s, and not my Z32. It eventually stopped working all together. I bought one of those cheap Chinese ones and haven't had a single issue yet. Its plugged in 24x7 in my Z32 and provides output to an LCD inside of my stock clock.
2011-09-14 21:23:24
Originally Posted by danfiveten
And a lil update. Using a real plms cable we had a dropuout, and once that caused nistune to freeze on us because of it.

dude you kept bumping the cord and then it popped out an you had to pop it back on.. after that we had 0 issues.

i have HOURS of log time with my plms cable and i've never had any issues with the it.

and look how big this thing is man

that shits going to stock out so far your going to be bumping it constantly
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2011-09-14 21:28:24
I didnt bump it, but it was draped over the steering wheel over to you .
2011-09-14 21:29:29
then you didnt have it plugged in all the way, after you pushed it back on we had 0 issues.
2011-09-14 21:32:33
Yah. But this isnt the case on this. I just hate someone saying because i paid less its not going to be as good or refined as the 100 dollar cables. If it functions, it functions.
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