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Thread: consult cable

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2011-08-29 03:02:02
consult cable
anyone know were i can buy a cheap one or how to make one
2011-08-29 03:11:41
I've been wondering the same for a while. Seems only choicsle is the plms one.
2011-08-29 04:44:46
PLMS cables are GREAT.
ECUTalk cables are GREAT @ $85AUD shipped !

other cables and DIY jobs are (in my opinion) not worth the time. I have done a DIY cable before, it was OK, but would encounter problems every now and again with it, right when i needed it to just work and not mess up.

I have an ECUTalk cable that i use with nistune (and with general diagnostics) and its been totally flawless.

PLMS cables are also very well designed, a little less compact but includes diagnostic lights which can be a good quick way to detect issues (lack of data/communication, no power etc).

I highly recommend getting a commercial cable and spending the money on a decent one that is reliable. There are a few DIY designs floating about (google will help, i have no immediate links ready to go).
2011-08-29 05:37:04
BRAND NEW Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface tool OBD | eBay
2011-08-29 07:13:42
I'll have to pull out this old saying i once heard ... " you get what you pay for "

That cheap cable uses a SERIAL interface not USB which no modern laptops really have now. At a minimum you're up for another $5-10 for a converter to USB, and even then they can be flakey at times if you don't spend the extra to get a good one.

The PLMS and ECUTalk cables have the serial to USB converter built into the cable and its a high quality FTDI chip which are the best & most reliable for serial to USB interface conversion.
2011-08-29 10:31:52
I have to agree with Cozzm0 here.. you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to the consult cables. I have been through a couple of the Ebay version and they are very flaky and particular with which cars/electronics they will work with.

I personally use and tune with the ECUtalk cables and have never had an issue with them in any car I have tried to use them on. This is what made me become a US dealer for them. The quality is top notch and it works every time!

ECUTalk Consult Cable
2011-08-29 12:40:05
I have and use a PLMS cable with great results!
2011-09-01 01:09:42
i should have been more specific its to use with a nistune ecu
2011-09-01 05:07:12
Originally Posted by 96b14se-r
i should have been more specific its to use with a nistune ecu

*definitely* don't waste your time with the cheap cables then. ECUTalk or PLMS should be your only option. I use ECUTalk with my nistune.
2011-09-08 19:18:21
Ok i got a update on this. One that works perfectly.
This works. BRAND NEW Nissan Consult Diagnostic Interface tool OBD | eBay

Download the driver not from the cd, but from here the cd is shit. This is for the usb-rs232 software. Its win7 compatibal as well. I was having issues with their cd, lots of shit u dont need on it.
1.5ft USB to DB9 Serial Adapter Cable - Cables To Go

With this i went otu to my car, you need to make sure to have whatever port your using selected to connect right, for me its port 6 for nistune and conzult (remember u cant run both at same time, freaks out) But i got conzult to open and run fine, and then i got nistune to open and run fine, messed with just the injector multiplier, killed the car, put back to normal and she started right back up, watched the built in gauges, jiggled the cord, messed all over with it and it worked perfectly fine. How much did this run me. Under 30 bucks. Boo yah baby.
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