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Thread: AFR guru's please chime in

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2011-03-04 03:08:20
haha thought he was talking about 9.0 lamda or something at first. If you have the bin file that you want, email it to me and I'll burn you a set of chips.
2011-03-04 03:44:45
I would suggest just taking the car to a tuner to get everything dialed in.


Purchase a chip burner so you can make the adjustments yourself, since you already have a wideband!
2011-03-04 03:49:54
I was at work when I wrote the post ... Kinda in a hurry between calls ... Yes I know 14.7 is atmospherics which is optimum for air flue ratio tho higher u go the more air blah blah blah lol brings back UTI days lol ... No I was talking afr not lumbar lmao my bad ... Kinda makes a 10 year + tech look like he doesn't know shit ... I swear I do lol
2011-03-04 04:13:44
Take out fuel via the afc in small increments. Prolly in increments of 2%.
2011-03-04 04:15:37
Btw what's your fuel pressure? And what is the ecu setup for?(3bar, 4bar)
2011-03-04 05:04:02
-24 ... set it to that and now running at 13.0 wot !!!! And pulls like no other !!! Thanks guys
2011-03-04 05:08:09
P10 I have no idea what's thr ecu is set up for calum never went that far ... I have it set at 3 bar Per miko's advice
2011-03-04 13:31:26
Im glad you sorted it out, and its pulling great now
2011-03-04 14:30:15
yeah before with it hit vvl it would go no where but sound good doing it. same issue with sr16 ecu. it use to hesitate alittle bit once vvl hit but now its errrrr raaahhhhhhhhhh!!! lmoa and pulls nicely. thanks everyone for the help. it was greatly appreciated
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