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Thread: Is my ECU Fried? (Calum Basic)

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2010-06-24 18:29:03
Is my ECU Fried? (Calum Basic)
I have some problems with my Calum Basic on B13 VE after connecting new maf (and going back to old maf) and changing chips on the ECU.

- no power from ECU to the fuel pump relay
- no tach signal (doesn't show rpm)
- when shorted relay sockets, the pump works and car starts (harder start but idles faily well (850-875rpm)
- Consult connection shows the Rpm and no ECU codes come up (code 55: No malfunction)
- RPM is shown on Calumsult software, everything shows alright, temp is fairly consistent with gauges.
- the fans are not coming on (even after reaching 221F)

Let me know if you think my ecu is fried or is there another item that can cause all this?
Is there a program that would test ECU functionality via Consult?

2010-11-05 02:23:29
Was it your ecu. My cars doing the same after trans swap and I have a jwt ecu..
2010-11-05 03:52:13
Did you by any chance short the MAF wires?
2010-11-05 20:06:09
Doubt it but with my luck with this car.......
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