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Thread: COP (coil on plug) pencil coils that will fit a FWD engine.

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2010-05-04 17:04:40
Sorry this is such a late reply.

I'm pretty sure that condenser is a capacitor. I don't believe it is required. Yes you can run the wires that would go to the stock S15 ECU into an AEM EMS.
2010-07-01 05:05:25
anyone got the aem part number for SR20V pencil coil??

i think its the short one? 30-2850
but just wanna make sure
2010-07-25 21:14:34
Hey Ben, can you do me a big favor and post up a pic of the b13 ecu pinout for me and since i know your running the aem ems, i was wondering if you could give me the pin locations that you put your wires for the individual coils, im guessing that in the ems you can program which pin locations are for what or if there are specific pin locations that need to be used.

I dont have the ems yet so i dont know where i need to put the individual coil locations at. This is gonna be to go to the CDI box, then i can go from there. im working on tucking my engine harness and want to get all the wires ran and loomed so i can throw the harness in and go.

LMK what you got or any advice. Thanks man
2010-07-25 22:47:39
for the 30-1600
pin1 is the coil #1
pin5 is coil #3
pin7 is coil#2
pin25 is coil#4

this is straight from the ems install manual and how i have my coils hooked up. mind you these are switched ground pins 1.5 amp max.
2010-07-25 23:16:45
And do you know what pin number for the map sensor signal. I was thinking it might be the maf signal pin location, just use that wire for the map signal. But i understand the map sensor uses a 5v power supply correct? Or is it different with the aem map sensors.

If it uses a 5v power supply what pin do i use to supply that 5v to the map?

Sorry for all the questions. I just dont have the instructions yet.

Thanks for all the help.
2010-07-27 20:18:44
Hey Ben, do you know of a good plug that i should use for my setup?

8 heat range with the removable tips. Any suggestions. I would like to keep the coppers but i guess whatever will stay the coolest and keep away preignition would be best.
2010-07-27 20:29:28
Why the hell don't I see these posts until way after you post them ashton?

Hang on...

Edit: Ashton come over here and we can talk about spark plugs that will work for you: http://www.sr20-forum.com/turbo/15285-known-cold-plugs-ngk-bkr7-removable-contact-tip.html
2010-07-27 22:48:06
Initial setup / MAP, AIT, wideband, and boost solenoid wiring!

sensor wiring for 30-1600
2010-07-28 07:05:17
Appreciate it man, Thanks for the link. I got my wires all pinned out and ready to go for the CDI box, just need to run 4 wires for the ground side of the coil as i was unsure if the CDI box sent out the 540v signal for each ignition fire or if it was a constant. I learned now its a constant and got the wiring for it all set up.

Thanks guys.
2010-11-29 01:27:15
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