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Thread: B13 launch control ??

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2009-10-07 01:55:46
Originally Posted by alfsentra
People is possible create something and use the ECU LC with a push botton for cars with swaps, no digital speed sensor (cable)?

2009-10-08 15:08:11
Macakin i think this is possible with a custom digital speed sensor, i work with this now. ...
2010-08-04 08:07:51
how do i change the launch RPM?
2010-08-04 09:46:18
If you have a cable, you could devise a way to multiply the pulses given off by the speedometer in the cluster. On the back of said speedometer, there's 3 screws. 2 of them are working similar to the 2 wires of an electrical speed sensor. However, they only give out 3 pulses per rotation (tried this yesterday with my old analog cluster, and cable, to see if a digital cluster could be mated with an analog (cable) speedometer). So you need to use custom electronics to bump that up to either 8 pulses or 16 pulses.

This could only work for speed, since the RPMs are measured elsewhere (no idea where, though).
2010-08-04 20:07:20
Originally Posted by rmyc
how do i change the launch RPM?

With the latest version of TunerCode, you put the trans in gear and turn on the ignition switch. The tach will indicate the current launch rev limit. Mash the gas peddle until the desired launch RPM is indicated on the tach, then put the trans in neutral. The new launch rev limit is then set.

2010-08-04 20:11:40
Wow! That easy?
2010-08-04 20:24:17
Yes, and it remembers the setting when the ignition is turned off too!

2010-08-04 20:58:17
tunerprort you can change the launch rpm to w/e you want. there is a b13lc.xdf, I've used it to edit several people's bins. Then when you upload the xdf the definitions are listed to the left, one says simply, "launch control."
2010-08-04 22:58:45
Originally Posted by Hybrid_DET
@ the track, then you could setup a 5500-6000 rev limit, which actually builds about 2-3lbs of boost. So my setup as we speak is 3200 with 10 kph threshold.

Can you mess with the LC settings?

On a 280z 2.8l L28 with a T60 we build 7psi at 4k rpms and 15psi instantly at launch with launch control, using spark only cut every 3 cycles I think it was.
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