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Thread: B13 launch control ??

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2009-09-08 01:42:52
B13 launch control ??
I have downloaded the XDF w/LC and loaded my bin file. When initially looking at the values for Launch RPM it reads 282800 and the speed threshold reads 282 kph. Do I need to just adjust those accordingly or does the bin need to be tweaked for this to work right?
2009-09-08 02:46:41
You have to adjust it yourself. I have my launch rpm at 6000 and the speed set to 2kph.
2009-09-08 03:06:47
Where can I download that XDF file?
2009-09-08 03:21:11
Here: ECCS • View topic - 91 USDM sr20de rom w/VSS launch control
People is possible create something and use the ECU LC with a push botton for cars with swaps, no digital speed sensor (cable)?
2009-09-08 05:32:04
Originally Posted by SUNNYboi
Where can I download that XDF file?

B13 bin with launch control - SR20 Forum

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2009-09-08 17:11:46
Hmmmm Ima have to try this out on the VE
2009-09-10 04:46:10
I screwed around with this for a few hours today. The bin file I downloaded that someone posted for a 91SR w/LC works, but it runs awfully lean. So I copied the parameters of my bin I have been running and pasted them into this other bin thinking this would solve the lean issues as the timing and fuel maps were different. But this didn't do ****. I also tried editing the b13 xdf and adding the launch control and that didn't work either, so I give up at this point.
2009-09-11 07:49:32
finally got this working...
2009-09-11 11:16:57
Originally Posted by Hybrid_DET
finally got this working...

Good work. What settings are you using, and can you describe how it drives on launch?
2009-09-12 06:38:26
I have tried a couple different rpm's and speed thresholds. Anything above 3500 on street tires is useless. Because once the rev limit releases at speed you are at full boost. I found this setup better on low boost or boost controller off. I can see this function being very nice on slicks @ the track, then you could setup a 5500-6000 rev limit, which actually builds about 2-3lbs of boost. So my setup as we speak is 3200 with 10 kph threshold.
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