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Thread: Timing Maps for Tuning

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2009-09-03 19:01:37
Timing Maps for Tuning
Timing Maps for Tuning

I will be taking over the Base Map thread that BenFenner started earlier. This thread will contain base timing maps for people to work with.

The original thread was started by BenFenner, with his permission am kicking off a new version of the thread. I will maintain this thread, with consultation from Ben.

OEM Maps
  • Avenir (SR20DET) - 8.5:1 CR - Link
  • 200sx B14 (SR20DE) - 9.5:1 CR - Link
  • JDM Primera (SR20VE) - 10.3:1 CR - Link
  • JDM Primera (Roller Rocker) - 9.5:1 or 10.1:1 CR - Link

Base Maps
These maps should have a good margin of safety built into them, they will require tuning for specific setups.

  • Calum ECU Tune - 8.5:1 CR - Link
  • austingtir VE+T Tune - Stock VE CR - Link
  • Ethalpy Styled 10 PSI Base Tune - 8.5:1 CR - Link
  • AEM EMS Base SR20DET Tune - 8.5:1 CR - Link

Tuned Maps
These maps are tuned for specific setups, please use with care.

  • BenFenner's N/A VEMS Tune - 1994 G20, 9.5:1 CR - Link
  • GT3076R DET Tune - 1991 Silvia, 8.5:1 CR - Link
  • Vadim's Tune V1 - 7 PSI - 1999 Sentra, 8.5:1 CR - Link
  • Vadim's SR20DE RR - 10psi - 243whp / 234ft-lbs - 9.5:1 - Link

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2009-09-03 19:01:58
Layout for Map Submission
Layout for Map Submission

Motor: What Motor is this Tune for? (e.g. Motor Type, Compression Ratio)
Mods: All mods that would affect timing (e.g. turbo type, cams, octane enhancers, FMIC, Cold Air Induction, etc.)
Max Safe Boost: The maximum save boost that this tune should be used for.
Octane: Octane Rating that you used with this map
Dyno WHP: If you have this available, this would help
Safe or Tuned Map: Please specify if this map has a large margin of safety built into it so it can be used as a base for others or if it is tuned map with a limited margin of safety.

Timing Map:Screenshot of the map from TunerPro or your tuning software. This should be fairly simple, press Print Screen, paste into Paint, crop, then save as PNG file (Please avoid using JPG if possible).

Copy the layout from below in your future posts.

Tune Name

Max Safe Boost:
Dyno WHP:
Safe or Tuned Map:

Timing Map:
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2009-09-04 00:08:00
Calum ECU Tune
Calum ECU Tune

Please note that there are multiple different versions out there, out of all the BIN's that I have gotten, this one so far has been resulting in the best results.

Motor: SR20DET (FWD SR20, 8.5:1 CR)
Mods: W11 T25 9psi stock, 91 Intake Cam, FMIC, ThermoBlok Spacers, 2.5" DP/Exhaust
Octane: 93 Shell V-Power
Dyno WHP: 230whp
Safe or Tuned Map: Safe, at least from what I've been playing with there is room for improvement for specific setups.

Timing Map
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2009-09-04 13:07:54
BenFenner's N/A VEMS Tune

Motor: SR20DE (1994 G20, 9.5:1 CR)
Mods: Completely stock from air box to tail pipe. Keep in mind the 1994 G20 cam is slightly less aggressive than the 1994 SE-R cam which is slightly less aggressive than the 1991-1993 SE-R cam.
Octane: 93 (R+M)/2 gasoline
Dyno WHP: Dyno showed 150 WHP and 129 WTQ.
Safe or Tuned Map: This map is tuned. Take care when using it. Subtracting 8 degrees across the entire map might result in a good, safe map to use as a base.

Notes: The grey area is untuned. Only the N/A area is tuned, not the boost section.
The WOT section was unconventionally tuned to mean best torque by starting with more advanced numbers and working backwards to reach max power. This means there is no way to make any more power on a stock DE with the timing map by advancing the timing more (regardless of fuel used). If you're going to run this map on an engine with more aggressive cams, be sure to retard the timing at WOT and elsewhere accordingly.
The WOT section is at the verge of knocking on 93 octane.
The idle section is quite advanced, making initial throttle response quite aggressive.
The cruising section is also advanced quite far to give good fuel mileage.

There is room for improvement (likely with less timing) below 5,000 rpm at WOT. There are other timing maps out there (AEM base tune) that make more power below 5,000 rpm than I did.

Keep in mind this was for a low port head (better flowing than high port).
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2009-09-07 16:54:39
unattributed GT3076R DET Tune

Motor: SR20DET (1991 Silvia, 8.5:1 CR)
Mods: Greddy front mount intercooler, Greddy intake manifold, tubular exhaust manifold, Garrett GT3076R turbo (4-bolt exhaust discharge and an E-cover with 4" inlet and 2" outlet), 3" exhaust.
Octane: Either 93 (R+M)/2 gasoline plus water/meth injection or straight E85
Dyno WHP: Dyno showed 414 WHP and 291 WTQ at 21 psi. Tune also made approx. 450 WHP at 25 psi.
Safe or Tuned Map:This map is tuned. Take care when using it. Subtracting 6 degrees across the entire map would result in a good, safe map to use as a base.

Notes: The darker area is untuned.
There is likely room for improvement in the cruising area (better mpg could be obtained).
Keep in mind the engine had stock cams.

The DET this timing map was used on was torn down at one point showing absolutely no signs of detonation.
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2009-09-07 21:57:57
^ in the 0-43kpa, is that what you were talking about adding in more timing 0-43kpa in the 1500rpm range, 28 degrees timing?
2009-09-07 22:01:18
Yes, Brandon. If you have a steady idle with stock cams, you can advance timing there with good results. You can give it a shot with your car, but with your aggressive cam and idle problems it might not work out so well. You won't hurt anything trying it out though.
2009-09-07 22:52:27
do you have any picsture of the iginiton map itself,the 3d view?
2009-09-08 02:06:43
Here's a pic of the 3D map for yah.

Keep in mind it says "BrandonTune" in the file name but this is not Brandon's timing map.
2009-10-01 03:00:09
I should put my rom dump on here. Looks like I should be around 24-25* advance according to most tunes, on around 24psi of boost. However, I am at 20* peak on 24psi. I did recently make about 60whp from 3-4* of timing (dizzy was too far retarded), so I am really curious to what this may be able to handle safely.

Boost is relative anyway, since my 24psi up here would only be 21psi at sea level.
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