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Thread: The Most Powerful Engines Thread. (Dyno Thread for Powerful Cars and Tuners)

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2012-07-06 15:26:32

595whp 424ft lbs
Sr20det RWD
stock sleeves
.20 over wiseco pistons
stock head W/ BC272's, BC Springs
1680cc injectors
stock Throttle body
6266 33psi
2012-07-29 23:26:33
NA DE 11.6CR, 100 oct

169.3 whp
135.8 ft/lbs

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

195.2 whp and 162.5 ft/ lbs
With Calum RTV2 Tune on Church Dyno

Aem intake, N60 MAF, stock TB, port matched JDM intake manifold

Engine Bottom End:
SR16 pistons(swain coated tops and skirts)eagle rods,stock crank, DE block, piston oil squirters, custom windage tray and crank scraper, acl bearings, GTIR mains, VE oil pump.

lightly hand ported and port matched, C3 cams, Ti springs and retainers, sodium filled exhaust valves, adjustable cam gears (set 0,0 for now)
WPC treatment applied to most moving parts( i.e. cams, all bearings, rockers, oil pump gear)

Hotshot Gen VI with 3in collector, magnaflow muffler, turndown dump

Engine Ext:Ur crank pulley, Gspec WP pulley

Fuel: Nismo FPR (3 bar), JWT fuel rail, 50lbs injectors, walbro 255, 100 octane

ECU: Jim Wolf tuned ECU (brought the car to JWT and they custom tuned)

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2012-10-23 20:48:03
runs were done at 18 and 20psi. the gate was having a hard time keeping up at 20psi so we left it at 18psi.

de 8cw crank micro polished
manley H beam rods
cp pistons swain coated
acl race bearings
b/c springs and retainers
p12 20v cams 0,0
asp tubular manifold with external gate
40mm jgs turbo waste gate
gt3071r t2 frame .86 ar with 4" anti surge housing(modified for external gate)
synapse bov
nismo 740cc
aem ems 3.5 bar map and iat

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2012-11-18 12:41:19
Good morning fellas,

Since the departure of our good friend Ben Fenner onto another platform this thread and the 1/4 mile thread have been far and long enough neglected and in desperate need of updating. I have asked Cliff to take on the responsibility of keeping this thread updated and would like to extend my thanks to Ben Fenner as the original creator of this informative thread and thanks to Cliff for giving me the opportunity to bring it up to date.

So in closing Ill be working on getting everyone's dyno slips up to date along with a brief of the general setup keeping the same format that is already there. Please keep the dyno slips coming and along with the slip a general description of the setup to ensure it goes in the proper section such as vehicle chassis, engine type and displacement, turbo (if applicable) and other pertinent details that would be helpful to others.


2013-09-28 19:34:23
You can add mine to the list

SR20VE, 88mm CP 12.5:1 pistons
N1 cams
Supertech S&Rs
Mazworx header
3" SS exhaust with cat, resonator and dyno max VT muffler
Ported head /w 3 angle valve job
370cc injectors
NEMU ECU with Nismotronic

220 hp / 168 tq

Cleaned up

2013-09-29 23:40:12
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2013-09-29 23:41:34
cp 12:5:1 pistons
Ported head
N1 ported intake
Freak combo cams
3" exhaust with vibrant stealth
Asp budget headers
Tuned by marsh tuning on aem version 2

Made 231

Same set up as above but with Marsh's itb's

Car made 262 hp

can be vouched by the man himself when he gets a chance
2013-09-30 00:11:55
squirlz wonder what your car would do with a bigger intake mani
2013-09-30 16:54:54
50mm ITB
Myers Header
MarshTuning Head
Hybrid Kelford Cams

2013-09-30 23:54:20
more comp please!!
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