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Thread: The Most Powerful Engines Thread. (Dyno Thread for Powerful Cars and Tuners)

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2012-02-14 01:18:56
Hi guys,
So last saturday i went to the dyno, these are my mods:
SR20DE Lowport
-3" WAI with new K&N filter
-SSAC Header with 2.5" crush bend muffler with flowmaster silencer
-Highport cams
-Aeromotive FPR
-NGK BKR6E-11 spark plugs
-Old NGK spark plug cables
-Costum made Grounding kit
-Stock ECU
-Z32 Fuel filter

I got 142whp and 126ft/lb of torque, this was on the first run as the next ones didnt got any numbers because the dyno was not reading rpms from my car, probably because of the old spark plug cables. I think that it is a little lean, so with cleaned inyectors, a little more gas to get the AFR close to 13:1 and new spark plug cables i think i can get it closer to 145whp adn 130ft/lb of torque.

Any thoughts?
2012-02-15 13:29:56
Don't hve pics just videos.

My Sentra is a VE with a stock DE bottom end, HKS 550inj, n60 maf, some short tube turbo mani, 2.5 dp, ebay special turbo, 10psi

Originally Posted by gio94sr20ve
my brothers car, 10 psi dyno session was short couple of pulls only(afr was stil 10.8-11.1),We have to change the dampner timing marks are out of place, she'll be back on for those 400 whp.
DE/VE unknown turbo manifold, fits great.ebay turbo special.

VE-T 10psi - YouTube

next is my long time friend's nx2000.it was before a de motor making 394 whp, he was running a corvette and dropped it in the wrong gear broke a cam smacked valves. he had a vvl head laying around so here she is.
de/ve log manifold garrett turbo 60mm wheel.
car was not tuned for max power he likes to abuse it too much,plus his msd box decided to crap on him today right after we finished his downpipe fab.so she didn't want to go past 20psi it would break up.
Turbo nx2000 Dyno (Robert) - YouTube
touched the afr got some more power
Turbo nx2000 (Robert) last Dyno pull - YouTube

NX2k is e-85, log manifold, 60-1, ve head stock de bottom end, 740cc inj, n62 maf, 20psi. Could not go any higher due to ignition breakup, we cold have gapped down the plugs but driveability suffers a bit and this is his daily driver.
2012-02-15 13:37:02
Originally Posted by gio94sr20ve
Just thought I'd share about a car my bother and I finished just now.
It is a bone stock sr20de just tapped.
T-25 out of a 300zx bb manifold external gated
E-85 550 Inj
Blue line is 10psi pump gas 93 low timing for the higher boost that was to come.
Red is the same boost (e-85 was poured into the tank 5gallons)just adjusted the afr to safe levels,everything else stayed the same.gains alone was from the e-85
Green is high boost it bleed down turbo could not keep up.
Next will be some cams and upgrade the 2.5 downpipe to a three. He will be slapping on a big juice turbo later on.
Thanks to my brother for always helping.

Turbo Sentra t-25 on e-85 - YouTube

The previous owner of this turbo is my close friend and he did 12.4 at 114 mph on 205-50-15 drag radials granny shifting into third due to it grinding nasty. 2.0 60 ft times, full body car all accessories in it.
I'm guessing 11.7-.8 with this car. We'll findout soon after the cam install

The uk motor spun a rod bearing when an injector stayed stuck open and washed out the motor oil. That engine will be back better though. Car currently is laying down about 350-360whp, same setup, just a lowport 9;5;1 DE, and 720cc injectors this time around, reason I say about is because it was spinning the dyno in 4th gear due to some cheap falken tires.
2012-05-18 11:13:06
something different, it is a stock sr20ve with a shit pod filter and a de header,
this is in a offroad buggy that spins 31" mud tyres..
made 154.2whp and 105ft/lb torque, going to fit bmw quad throttle bodys n1 cams and a custom 1 1/2" header exhaust as this is a race car.
engine is controlled via a ems dualsport. both cams switch at once
2012-05-25 08:20:26
New numbers,

The numbers were 723 whp STD and 709whp SAE so whichever you want to put up. I didnt get a shot of the 723 graph but I wouldnt lie to ya. Here is the 716 graph.

This is a 2.0L SR20VE+T

(Info added by BenFenner from build thread)
29 psi, BW S400SX turbo, SR16VE N1 Cams, C16 race fuel

Last edited by ashtonsser on 2012-05-25 at 13-56-58. Reason: Adding more info from build thread.
2012-05-29 15:14:57
SR20DET .20 wiseco pistons/eagle rods, BC 272s, BC springs, rocker stoppers, T76 C16 1000cc injectors, AEM Series 2
559whp 396ft lbs

new #'s coming tonight with new set up as above but with 1680cc injectors, E85, precison 6266
2012-06-22 20:26:35
USDM SR20DE Highport

Stock Block
KS Racing Intake Manifold
Log Turbo Manifold
Garrett T04S PTrim Turbine 60-1 Compressor
3" Turbo back exhaust (3"Magnaflow Cat)
MSD Streetfire box
38mm Wastegate
Turbotank Billet Z32 Maf
ACT XTREME 6 puck Kit
Calum Ecu
BC Stage2 264 Cams
Nismo 740cc Injectors
Nismo FPR
50/50 93Pump/110Race

411.5WHP 321WTQ @19.1 PSI. Air/Fuel @11.0-11.2

Last edited by liv2die06 on 2012-06-22 at 20-34-02.
2012-06-28 23:05:50
Dynoed 211.9whp today with the old ve Sentra. Not bad considering it was 95 degrees in the shop. I have my dyno graph just need to scan it.
2012-06-30 01:45:27
Originally Posted by BORNGEARHEAD
Dynoed 211.9whp today with the old ve Sentra. Not bad considering it was 95 degrees in the shop. I have my dyno graph just need to scan it.

Last edited by BORNGEARHEAD on 2012-06-30 at 01-45-45.
2012-07-04 00:36:11
My new dyno
16 pistons
N1 cams
ASP budget
Last edited by greezmonkey on 2012-07-06 at 19-21-57.
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