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Thread: The Most Powerful Engines Thread. (Dyno Thread for Powerful Cars and Tuners)

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2009-05-20 18:05:40
Same setup as my old RR sr20
stock sr20ve sr16cams
92 oct plus water meth injection
16lbs falling to 15.5
498.5whp at 6450 rpm
412 lbs at 6325rpm
2009-05-28 09:40:52
1997 Nissan Almera GTi (N15)

SR20DE+T Engine Conversion (8:1 comp. ratio)
53J Block
ARP Mains Studs
RRM 4 Counterweight Crankshaft
96J High Port Cylinder Head (decked 1.2mm + ported & polished)
ARP Cylinder Head Studs
Cometic MLS Head Gasket
JE Custom Spec. Forged Pistons
JE Pro Seal Rings
Eagle ‘H’ Beam Conrods
A.R.P. Conrod Bolts
SR20DET Crank Girdle
‘92 eGT Sump & Sump Pan
VE Oil Pump
Modified VE Oil Pick-up
eGT Fuel Rail
NISMO ‘Yellow’ Fuel Injectors (641cc @ 4 BAR base pressure w/out vacuum)
FSE Adjustable Fuel Regulator
Walbro 255LPH High Pressure Fuel Pump
NGK ’Iridium’ Grade 8 Spark Plugs
Apexi Power FC & Hand Commander
Modified Turbosmart Boost Controller
HKS 'Superflow' Air Filter
SFS Silicone Hosing
O2 Induction Intake Manifold
Modified VZR N1 Throttle Body (70mm)
Garrett GT307657R Hybrid Turbocharger (GT40 Compressor Wheel)
Tial 44mm External Wastegate
2" Screamer Pipe
Modified Tubular Exhaust Manifold
Custom 3” Downpipe
3” Turbo Back Exhaust System
Cobra 3” Silencer
Stepped (2.25" - 3") IC Piping (HOT)
3" IC Piping (COLD)
Turbosmart Recirculating Valve
JWT S4 Camshafts (266 duration / 11.79 mm lift)
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
JWT HD Valve Springs
'92 eGT Sodium Filled Valves
HKS Adjustable Camshaft Sprockets
Greddy Rocker Arm Stoppers
Koyo Racing Radiator
NISMO 18.2 psi Radiator Cap
NISMO Thermostat
Kenlowe 13" Blower Cooling Fan
G-Spec Crankshaft Pulley
Unorthodox Racing Water Pump Pulley
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Engine Mounts
Custom 'Dogbone' Front Mount
P11-144 Transmission (RS5F70A) with Cyro. Treated & Shot Peened Gears + Uprated Bearings
NISMO 1.5 way LSD
Modified Fidanza Flywheel (8.8 lbs)
Modified ACT 'Xtreme' 6 Puck Clutch
Custom M300 Spec. Driveshafts
Modified B&M Short Shifter
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Transmission Mount

Runs done at 12 psi and 20 psi respectively...

Peak WHP - 394.8 WHP @ 20 psi
Peak WTQ - 335.8 WTQ @ 20 psi

Need more fuel as injectors and fuel pump are maxxed out!
2009-05-30 04:51:42
Originally Posted by morgans432
very nicely done sir. Lots of time and money put into that car and it was all worth it.

Yes sir it was tons of time, sweat, money, and it was all worth it
We could not be more pleased with the results, except for the wheel spin on the dyno which is what kept us from that 600whp mark..... the car is an animal on the streets and traction is a distant dream....lol. We have some solutions that will remedy that.....But hey you should see the graph at least!!!!!!!!!!! You can see where it cuts off.... this is from wheelspin, which is why we stopped, this is the street tune vs the 571 pull. We were revving to 8400rpm.

BenFenner can you please place at the top of the list, where I belong........lol
2009-05-30 08:06:50
S3 Cam
14 psi

2009-06-28 06:07:24
I had the stock fuel pump, was so lean at 6psi

RR bottom, HP P&P head, custom intake, SAFC, 444cc and I dont remember what else ..

2009-06-28 14:40:07

93 octane, VE, stock VE cams, 2.75" short-ram intake, thermoblock spacers, 2.5" SSAC + 2.5" exhaust, 8.5lb flywheel, mossy crank pulley, Calum Basic
2009-08-17 23:17:10
91 Ser with a sr20ve, N1 cams switch point 5200 rpms,cam gears set at +2/-2, ASP budget header going into 2" exhaust, AEM EMS setup for speed density, intake pipe is 3" to jwt popcharger filter(wai), fidanza 9lb flywheel, Gspec crank pulley, 93 octane, intake manifold space just on the head. this was done on a mustang dyno that is known to be 20-25% less hp rating that the hub type of dyno's in the area.this dyno has 4 front rollers and 2 rear rollers. so basicaly my front wheels where making my rear wheels spin as we dynoed. numbers are SAE corrected i was told. peak HP was 186 peak TQ was 139.

2009-08-27 15:18:08

92 plus alky
same setup on the ve
2009-08-27 20:20:01
I'll bite:

411WHP / 275WTQ @ 8000rpm

1998 200sx SE-R Platinum Gold in color.

Avenir block consisting of the following:
CP 8.5:1 Pistons
Eagle Rods
ARP rod bolts/mains/head studs
ACL STD race bearings
VE Oil Pump/spacer/GSpec crank pulley
A/C delete

Lowport Head consisting of the following:
Cometic Headgasket
BC STG 3 Cams, straight up
Supertech Valves
Brian Crower Titanium Springs/Retainers
NGK Blue plugwires
NGK BKR7E plugs gapped to .028”
Nismo 740cc Injectors at 3bar in stock fuelrail
Stock fuel pressure regulator
o2 Induction Manifold w/ Q45 Throttlebody
Protech Fabrication EL Manifold with GT3076R .82 A/R
Z32 MAF in Blow thru configuration
TiAL 44mm Wastegate w/11psi spring
Synapse Synchronic BOV

Transmission Components:
99 P11 Non-LSD 5spd Transmission
Redline Shockproof Heavy
ACT Extreme Pressure Plate
ACT 6 Puck Sprung hub disc
B&M Short Shifter with Nismo Shiftknob

Calum Realtime Rev. 0 - Tuned by Bitch Ass Hater
EGR delete
Rear o2 delete
AAC delete
3” Protech Fabrication o2 housing and downpipe
3” Magnaflow high flow catalytic converter
3” VRS Magnaflow exhaust
3” Cold side intercooler piping
2.5” Hot side intercooler piping
Custom FMIC with 2.5” inlets, Greddy bar and plate core
Prothane motor mounts with Dre’s front motor mount
Tranny saver bracket
Walbro 255lph in-tank pump

Dyno tuning done with 93 Octane pump gas, 1 bar of boost.
2009-09-02 00:21:24
I dynoed mine today.

It made 287whp and 279tq, 20psi at peak tq and falling to 17psi at peak hp

Its still a little rich and really conservative on timing. So shooting for 300whp soon.

jdm de with rwd 8.5:1 rods and pistons
gtir t28
gtir manifold
3" crush downpipe and 3" mandrel exhaust
s4 cams
sti injectors
z32 maf
Calum RT
innovate lc-1

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