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Thread: The Most Powerful Engines Thread. (Dyno Thread for Powerful Cars and Tuners)

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2009-02-09 23:44:26

213HP/198lbs. tq.
Old T25 setup, highport cam, lowport motor, 3" downpipe, 2.5" exhaust, Calum ECU
2009-02-18 17:11:10

E-manage Ultimate
Exhaust cutout
JGY Manifold
2009-03-16 23:58:15
SR16VE cams
SSAC 2.5"
GTiR 2.5" decat
2.5" mandrel exhaust
crap 3" intake with injen filter
thermoblok spacers
dastek unichip
intake 4520rpm exhaust 4950rpm

171whp 6950rpm (stock rev limit, power still climbing)
161 lbs

4th gear pull
2009-03-17 01:13:05
jgy bb37
2.5" dp to 3" exhaust with cat and chambered muffler
jwt ecu for 50 lb and cobra maf bumped fp to 41 with line on to get decent afr. was also maxing out maf and inj at this point.
365 whp and 324 ft lb at 20 psi done on XX tunning dyno pac done back in 2004 car has since gotten s4 cams bigger injectors z32 maf calum ecu full split dp with with 3" dump pipe (opens on boost) msd digital 6 and a bunch more stuff that i cant even remember and have yet to re-dyno it
2009-03-17 03:50:47

196.3@7200 RPM
SR16VE N1 Notched Pistons
Obx header with custom 3inch collector
WAI/VE MAF+Velocity Stack
Nismo FPR @ 38psi
SR16 cams set at +2/-5
UR Crank Pulley
ACT HD PressurePlate with B15 Disk
Fidanza flywheel
3inch exhaust
Payu ECU + SAFC2
Custom Ground Kit & 93 Octane

Waiting on the ASP header

2009-03-17 22:53:03
i have to get around to posting up my dyno sheet but....

280whp 260wtq @6000rpm @ 16psi

set up on the motor basically is

t28 turbo
gtir mani
s4 cams
740cc nismo inj @ 3bar
3'' dp and exhaust
jwt ecu

after adding a safc2 and tunning my a/f ratios i came up with

305whp @ 15psi.

bigger turbo, bigger numbers coming soon.

2009-03-20 23:33:49
290hp 312 tq. Low 12 a/f's

Gt28R on W10 Motor 20-22lbs of boost (yes i know not good)
Gtir mani
3" Downpipe to 2.5" exhaust
370 injectors @4bar, sti's going on soon
Calum ECU

2009-04-12 01:58:20
I wont even be on the map, looks like T25's just don't have a chance haha.

Here is my dyno chart

SR20DET - Avenir W11
Ball Bearing T25 Turbo
9PSI Stock Boost
91 Intake Cam
Maxima E60 Maf
BPi Flow Stack
ThermoBlok Spacer Kit
FMIC 2.5" Piping
UR Pulleys - Crank and WP
Nismo FPR - 3 Bar
370cc Injectors
BKR7E Spark Plugs - Side Gaped and Indexed
2.5" Overkill Engineering Motorsports Exhaust
2.5" Test Pipe
STI Muffler
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Calum RealTime ECU
Prothane Motor Mounts
93 Shell Gas

Air Temp at Dyno 59%, very humid though, thus numbers could be better.

2009-05-05 03:48:40
just dynod mine

Fully build SR20DET, t3t04 60 trim with a .82 turbine housing, Jwt s4 cams, Calum basic, really rich and choppy a/f, Realtime ecu to come.

The motor is a fully built motor, eagle rods, cp pistons, Golden Eagle head studs, Ve oil pump, Gtir main bolts, ACL race bearings, Cosworth Headgasket, Fidanza flywheel, ACT Ext PP w/ 6 puck disk, VVL aluminum crank pulley, Mezier electric water pump and block off plate, no power steering no a/c. Stock B13 trans. Stock axles. Manifold is an ebay tubular manifold rewelded. Tial 38 mm wastegate.

Here is the thread with the pics and vid.

Results are 461whp and 391wtq at 6900rpms on 25psi of boost. On 110 octane race fuel.

Made 407whp and 365wtq on 20psi on 91 octane pump gas.


YouTube - SDC10759
2009-05-20 13:28:54
Copy and paste from another thread. Here--> http://www.sr20-forum.com/vvl/16344-dyno-trip.html


2 Different days on here.

DE Setup: Ebay intake with HKS 4in' filter
Stillen header
2 1/2 exhaust with 14 glasspack resonator to a Forza muffler
BC stage 2's
Fidanza 10.8lb flywheel
JGY PP/stock disk
VVL crank pulley
= 161whp 138 WTQ

VE Setup: VE Head on 91' DE block/ with standard sr20ve pistons
VE Stock intake rubber arm w/ HKS Filter
SSAC Header with 2.5 flexible tubing and custom leaks lol<---- I'll explain
2.5 exhaust to a forza 3in muffler
VE Crank pulley
Some old chipped ECU (No Rev Limit)
Regular SR16VE Cams 0,0 (No cam gears )
10.8 fidanza
Stock disk act hd pp
= 197.12 WHP 153 WTQ
50 shot wet
243 whp 213wtq @ 900psi

The 2.25 down pipe broke right after the flex pipe after hitting a 2x4 @ 70mph, so I went to Advance auto parts bought a 6 foot section of that flexible/swirly 2.5 tubing and clamped it on. I'll replace with a much better header i.e Rees.., um Snickers header. lol
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