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Thread: The Most Powerful Engines Thread. (Dyno Thread for Powerful Cars and Tuners)

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2008-10-18 14:48:40
n1 cams
jwt cam gears
xforce header
2.5" exhaust
Nistune daughterboard
98 RON fuel

Hub Dyno
2008-10-18 21:22:29
351whp 306ft lb's, sc61 14-16psi, stock head cams, revahrd tubular manifold 3in exhaust calum ecu

coheed and squabtzer can vouch for me

by 14-16psi i mean it was flucuating back and fourth and wasnt a solid 16psi,

this was done a on dynomite
2008-10-19 04:18:09
I have a few submissions:

1999 SE-L W/SR20DE
93 Octane, S5 cams, Titanium springs/retainers, JWT ECU full program, Place Racing CAI, SSAC header with 2.5" Downpipe, 2.5" Stromung header-back.
164.2whp, ~131ft-lbs

1999 SE-L W/SR20VE
93 Octane, N1 Intake Manifold, Place Racing CAI, SSAC header with 2.5" Downpipe, 2.5" Stromung header-back.
161whp, ~131ft-lbs

1999 SE-L W/VQ35DE
93 Octane, AEM Standalone, CAI, Ebay headers, Custom 3" Header-Back.
255whp, You'll have to calculate the torque.

2008-10-19 22:54:55
Just for to ad some more info

p11 turbo 2001 RR sr20 stock
gt3071r T2-0.86 ,trim 56 comp and trim 90 exhaust wheel
92 oct
gti-r jpipe
3 exhaust
ams fmic
stock g20 ecu 7500 rpm rev limit
gt3071 hp and torque
305,41 whp at 6840 rpm 282,58 lbs at 4935rpm

P11 2001 RR sr20 stock
gti-r t28
3 exhaust
94 oct
gti-r jpipe
stock ecu 7000 rev limit
evo7 fmic
293,49 at 6435rpm 275,52 at 5230rpm
2008-10-20 18:55:00
squabzter vouches for carfreak240's 351 WHP claim:

Originally Posted by squabzter
I'm vouching for a dyno sheet i guess? 1harras i think is his user name, but anyway, i was there when he dyno'd it i think it was 359 to the wheels or close to that

If anyone else can vouch for him, please PM me.
2008-10-20 22:50:06
2008-10-21 03:58:04
Dyno run was done on a crappy old dynojet. The RPM signal kept cutting out so Tq kept jumping.

181.45 WHP

The same run viewed according to RPM not speed for the proper Tq reading (the RPM signal cuts out at 6800 RPM so you do not get to see my peak HP )

147.54 Tq

SR20DE w/ sr16ve pistons netting 11.7:1 CR
BC stage 3 cams
Cam Gears set at +3-3
Lightweight Flywheel
PS delete
UR pulleys
333cc Injectors
2.5"SSAC header
3" Test Pipe Back exhaust
SAFC tuned to 13.1 AFR

This dyno was done back when the engine was brand spanking new before the SAFC and also running a 2.25" Pacesetter Header. I am going to redyno soon and hopefully see some gains with the 2.5" ssac and SAFC tuned.
2008-10-21 23:12:20
First Dyno I have eever gotten on my G20.
Built DET
S4 cams/springs/retainers
VE flywheel
Unknown clutchnet clutch
Outlaw spacers
Nismo 555cc injectors
JWT ECU @ 4 bar
This dyno was with open cutout peaking at 19psi and falling to 16psi.

Apparently this was on a dyno that reads extremely low according to some people so I should hit alot higher numbers on a Dynojet

334.2WHP Peak and about 331WTQ Peak

Some videos...
UtahNissans.com Dyno Day August 2008- Video

1996 Infiniti G20 GT28RS 15PSI- Video
2008-10-22 02:33:54
HP10T Send me your file .. I can put dynojet numbers...
2008-10-22 04:59:56
Stock block U13DET
AEBS headstuds with vvl metal hg
JWT S4's
750cc injectors
GT3071r with coated GTI-R manifold
346whp @ 14psi
C16 race fuel

Spinning on the dyno at 2.0 Bar with the same setup.....Priceless
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