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Thread: strange issue that only last 2-3mins...

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2019-08-13 21:30:53
strange issue that only last 2-3mins...
I an having an issue using Nismotronic on my SR20VE that is pretty strange and not quite sure what it is. It usually happen when the ECT is about 75* , so a short trip to the shops or the like. When I get back in and attempt to accelerate it feels like the car if starved for fuel or timing is retarded , its hard to describe. It only lasts for 2-3 minutes I get check engine lights(codes are usually sensors IAT, MAF, MAP which I am not using) the AFR come back to 14.6 then the car it absolutely fine. If I go on a long drive for an hour without a stop before its up to temp, its fine . It is pretty predictable when it will happen , I just try to sit and idle until my fans activate so I avoid it happening in traffic or at lights or other bad spots which has happened. I have a tonne of logs and my tuner and I are scratching our heads. We are thinking it maybe a TPS setting maybe that has been overlooked.
I am running the 90mm throttle body, I have cleaned the IACV and also a newish TPS.
Any ideas would be much appreciated .
2019-09-06 04:51:42
Did I post this in the right section?
I think it maybe in the post start enrichment at about 75-85* ECT.
2019-09-06 08:33:41
Can you post the logs, or screenshots of the logs, where this is happening?
2019-09-19 14:07:36
I will try to get a fresh log with the current tune today. I have a folder with 1070 logs but cant recall the specific tunes they correlate with to run them.
It usually happens after the first short drive for the day , i.e drive down to the local shops ECT reaches about 70-80 deg. then when I jump back in to start again that's when it usually happens.
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