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Thread: Order and delay between tables

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2013-05-15 14:30:53
Order and delay between tables
What's the extract order of the cranking/ warmup tables?

I know cranking comes first which includes enrichments etc. which stops and switches to the next table when the key is released. Does the warmup enrichment kick in as soon as the key is released?

I'm trying to figure out what table is accessed about 30 sec after startup??

When car is cold it starts fine but idles at warm idle speed. After about 30 seconds it idles up to 1,500rpm like it should. Then slowly drops as it warms.

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2013-05-15 20:17:03
Cranking is set based on clt. It is compared to calculated IPW, which includes warm up enrichment, until is falls below the calculated IPW from the fuel map.

Idle speed is set based on clt alone. There is no 30 sec. timer on the idle speed.

What is your AFR and timing during the 30 sec. period?

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2013-05-16 00:09:40
That's part of the issue dave. Could be 15's or so.. Drops down to 12-13 after a few seconds (wideband warming up I assumed) Ive tried leaner and richer starting mixtures and it always does this when cold. Warm starts are fine and idle rock steady at 950rpm.
2013-05-16 12:58:47
Order and delay between tables
Is a wideband instantly accurate? As in cranking (first few seconds of starting)? If it is, then its in the 15's at startup and quickly goes to whatever I have my warmup enrichment at. Cold it seems to like high 12's or low 13's. I've tried richer and leaner mixtures. Rich idles up and down for a while and leaner just bogs. Air fuel does not change much when it finally idles up 30 seconds or so after. Could be just super picky on the mixture. I can make it start great cold and warm. Just the cold idle up delay issue. I thought it was switching tables. No biggie

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2013-05-16 13:04:08
Sounds like it's running fine. What exactly is the problem?

2013-05-16 13:33:06
Order and delay between tables
I was only wondering about the delay in cold idle up. It should have the higher idle as soon as its started. Maybe it needs more cranking fuel

Are these widebands instantly accurate? I figure a 3-5 sec delay

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