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Thread: tunercode map interpretation

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2012-10-29 22:40:45
tunercode map interpretation
hey guys just a quick question, does tunercode interpret the fuel and timing maps the same way as the stock nissan ecu's? as in below is the stock sr16ve non n1 maps,

if i copied these (as well as the enrichment, cam switch points etc) to my nemu'd b13 ecu as they are should it work just like the stock ecu?
2012-10-29 23:14:42
i think you have to use the right xdf for the right ecu or it wont show the information correctly. also you should always start with the bin that matches the ecu if you can, or atleast in the same family.
2012-10-29 23:18:17
thanks for the response, and yeah I know that, i'm only showing the tunerpro screenshot as that's what i used to see the stock 16ve bin i ripped (and that is the correct xdf for it also), but i'm using nismotronic to tune the nemu. what i'm asking is if I replicate those tables as they are in my b13 tunercode/nemu tcd will tunercode interpret them the same way, as in will the timing be the same, and the fuelling? I only ask as I remember reading way back that tunercode requires 128 taken from the values in one of the tables compared to stock but I can't remember which

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2012-10-29 23:31:57
in the timing map if you add 128 to an area of cells it will use the knock features

2012-10-30 00:00:27
you can copy and paste over the timing map but not the fuel map. The VE's use a 64K bin file which uses a different fuel/table setup with a "VE" fuel table which a 32K ecu does not use.

You can copy over the ignition timing table but will have to make a fuel table from scratch.

If you are not using a knock sensor then subtract -128 from those cells and vise vesra to enable knock (+128)
2012-10-30 00:02:35
with nemu/tunercode theres no reason not to use the knock sensor, not only for datalogging but you can adjust the anti knock features.
2012-10-30 11:45:29
ok thanks, so is there a way of making a safe base fuel map from the existing map to get me started?

2012-10-30 16:01:33
If your n/a it shouldn't be that difficult to get it dialed in.. Chances are the stock map will be rich @ wot up top so you can just work from there.
2012-10-30 18:27:19
Your over thinking this, create a new map with your setup in the Nismotronic software. This will give you an easier start.
2012-10-30 21:43:45
i guess i should state my goals lol, i want the nemu'd ecu fitted and running on the 16ve as it is so i can get used to how it works etc before i fit the new high comp 20ve i'm just finishing up building, and as this car is my dd i just want a safe map to start from/fall back to so thought the stock maps would be the ideal place to start. also as i haven't got my wideband hooked up (as i'm waiting for my breakout box to arrive) i didn;t want to risk starting with a blank map
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