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Thread: Idle timing table VS Main timing table....Dave or John?

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2012-07-12 23:39:56
thanks for all the input everyone. I fully understand what your saying about the two tables. Thats how i always thought it worked.

I was just getting confused. when i thought back to what if you had a bone stock se-r and were to advance the timing from the stock 15 to 19 for some free powa.. this is adding 4deg to the total timing. but how? is this because there is a 4deg offset in timing between the idle timing table and mech/ dist timing?

So if your "idle timing table" values, be whatever they are: 15deg or even 50deg. If they match your mech/dist timing, this equals no offset. So no change to the total timing.

Sorry to confuse everyone hahaha.. I think Djcobra and BenFenner got what i was trying to ask.
2012-07-12 23:52:30
The reason turning the distributor adds ignition timing, is because you're ALSO turning the Cam Angle Sensor. This makes the ECU think the engine is further on in its rotation than it actually is, and it tricks the ECU into initiating timing early.
2014-12-19 01:00:36
Idle timing table VS Main timing table....Dave or John?
Well gotta say i some questions that have gotten answered through this thread gotta love the Nissan life
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