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Thread: MAF->MAP conversion with Tunercode?

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2013-02-08 19:12:27
Originally Posted by JKTUNING
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
so is this still pretty much whats going on? should i get a iat sensor? how would one wire that up? breakout box?

Yes, you should definitely look into running an IAT sensor.

You actually can wire it into the EGR temp sensor input on the ECU, and run the other wire to ground.

any suggestions on sensor brands ?
2013-02-08 19:58:47
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
any suggestions on sensor brands ?

Here's the one I'm using: bmotorsports.com GM IAT Sensor

2013-02-08 20:01:33
thank you!

and this goes into the charge pipe?
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2013-02-08 20:10:24
I use a similar (identical?) IAT sensor as Dave from here: Sensors - DIYAutoTune.com
(They have bungs too if you need.)

Yes, it goes in the charge pipe. I like it as close to the TB as feasibly possible, but I know other intelligent minds who prefer to see it somewhere else that gets much less heat soak, like up front right after the intercooler.
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2013-02-08 20:21:54
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
thank you!

and this goes into the charge pipe?

Yes. Here's my installation:

I made a bung on my lathe and tapped it with a 3/8" NPT tap, and welded it on with an acetylene torch (not real pretty, but works fine). It's on the cold pipe, before the idle air pipe. (SR20DET in S13)

2013-02-08 21:40:44
so for temporary would something like this work..


with this


then thread the sensor into that?
2013-02-08 22:02:34

No, you need a 3/8" NPT port and that's only 1/2" NPT, unless you can find an open element sensor that's 1/2" NPT, then it would work fine. The bushing is 3/8 to 1/2, so won't thread into the 1/2 port.

2013-02-08 22:11:56
ah i misread that
2013-02-08 22:43:47
Looking forward getting a NEMU ECU myself! ITBĀ“s mmm...
2013-02-09 00:27:53
Originally Posted by Payu
When its the update !!!!!
This would be a straight forward Update like the rest of the updates or there will be any special instructions for it!!

It will require another download, but this one will be publicly available for download as a DEMO and will update you to the full version when you plug in your NEMU.

Originally Posted by cory
So excited for this to get worked out. This could be finally an affordable solution for running itbs.

Management has been the only thing holding me back.

This should certainly work well with an ITB setup, it is flexible enough that you can setup the load scales however you see fit.

For example you can use MAP load for idle and very light throttle and can switch to TPS load (alphaN) when over 20% throttle. This helps a GREAT deal with tuning an ITB car.
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