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Thread: MAF->MAP conversion with Tunercode?

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2010-12-29 06:18:25
MAF->MAP conversion with Tunercode?
Would this be possible in the future?

The tunercode firmware looks awesome along with the software being developed for it. I'm interested only thing is I want to dump the MAF setup as it is a pain to fit in an already cramped bay along with the extra plumbing to recirculate the bov...

I came accross a killer deal on an aem ems, but I would honestly kick the ems to the curb if I could get speed density with TC firmware running on a s13 sr20det ecu. Combined with a r/t board, I could have my cake and eat it too...

Just thought id throw that out...
2010-12-29 13:58:26
I will let Dave chime in on this with more details... but it is being worked on as we speak!
2010-12-29 14:03:24
Vadim would love this for sure. I would to for a B14.
2010-12-29 14:28:37
man if u guys pulled this off, I would just give you all my money lol
2010-12-29 16:35:10
well lets put it this way if John is involved in any way it will happen. Just a chime in from Big Bro.
2010-12-29 17:26:36
This would be incredible! Subscribed...
2010-12-29 19:16:16
yessir, MAF's suck donkey balls.
2010-12-29 20:31:38
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2010-12-29 22:36:33
As John says, I've been working on SD for a few months. I have a borrowed SR20DET swapped 240sx, and I installed a GM IAT and 3bar MAP sensor. Its been running for a while, but I still need to do some fine-tuning/tweaking to the algorithm and tuning system.

I've started with a system that uses a 3D map indexed by RPM and MAP to look up a MAF conversion factor. This value is effectively multiplied by RPM and MAP and divided by IAT to form Q (proportional to mass air flow) which is used throughout the rest of the code just as if it came from the MAF sensor. This means that once you have this MAF MAP setup, all other tuning is done just as it is now. The fuel and timing maps are still indexed by RPM and Load (~TP).

That being said, John has convinced me to work on a complete code rewrite to implement a tuning system very much like a stand-alone system. This system would have fuel and timing maps indexed by RPM and MAP with the fuel map cells containing injector pulse width (no more TP). Either system would also include alpha-N tuning directly, or as a fall back if there is a MAP sensor problem. One of the issues with this method is coming up with base maps to get everyone started.

There's lots more to discuss on this issue, however SD tuning is coming to TunerCode!

2010-12-29 23:36:02
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb
yessir, MAF's suck donkey balls.

MAF's do not suck monkey balls.

They are effective and very accurate in the system in which they are used. Speed density does make for a more flexible system but MAF's should not be looked at as a bad thing. Do a little research.

Good luck on the SD conversion Dave. Should be interesting to see the outcome. I have some questions that I will forward to your email.
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