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Thread: Test results from Track Forged t3 top mount manifold

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2014-03-13 17:02:54
What do you guys need before and after dynos for? He was on a previous T2 setup I believe??? @cortrim1
2014-03-13 17:07:13
I know he was at 4xxwhp, but don't remember what turbo, manifold, and boost level.

I'm not looking for a manifold comparison, just numbers. @cortrim1 already changed his sig. LOL
2014-03-13 17:12:41
Oh no, I wasn't worried about a manifold comparison, I was just mentioning that he was on a T2 setup.
2014-03-13 17:44:07
Nice Gains!!!
2014-03-13 17:46:57
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Originally Posted by Boostlee
Great job!

Any before dyno numbers to match or possibly an overlay??

x2, would love to see the before/after numbers.

the t2 30r setup made 420whp and 308lbft @18psi and 445whp and 335lbft @20psi. Not comparable since I changed the manifold,turbo and tuning.
2014-03-13 17:48:17
My dyno sheets from the old setup are in the turbo section.
2014-03-13 17:55:07
Originally Posted by TRACKFORGED
What do you guys need before and after dynos for? He was on a previous T2 setup I believe??? @cortrim1

For comparisons sake (not direct comparisons mind you). A T2 backhalved "T3" turbo sounded like quite the interesting/bastard child combination with a few people going that route. I am simply curious as to what the curve and area under the graph looks like and compare it to (keeping in mind the changes) what I am looking at now. More data is always a good thing
2014-03-13 18:01:34

old dyno from t2 setup with custom asp manifold.
2014-03-13 18:08:47
For the new setup, at which point in the RPM range did you go full throttle during the dyno run??
2014-03-13 18:13:49
Full throttle at 2500rpm. 4th gear pull. 22psi on new setup.
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