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Thread: Fuel cells?

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2014-01-23 06:11:31
Fuel cells?
Any chance you guys would be willing to build a fuel cell? I am going to need a small capacity fuel cell for the drag car come race season. According to the rules, it cannot be mounted in the engine bay so I cannot use the Honda FCS cell that we ran in the past. I would possibly be interested in something that would fit in the stock location of the tank but probably 2 or 3 gallons with a -8 feed and -6 return. Something along those lines would be cool. Figured I would ask you guys since I'd rather support someone who supports our community. I'm sure a couple of the drag car guys would be interested.
2014-01-23 06:16:18
Some pics of what the Honda guys have...

I really could care less about the bling factor. Just looking for something to do the job and meet the strict rules. Hell, if the fill can be located where we access the factory fuel pump (hole under back seat), I would make a cover and use that area for refilling fuel via a funnel. I don't care so much to use the factory fill tube crap.

Let me know what you guys think!
2014-01-23 18:02:06

Let me talk to my fab guy and see what we can come up with.
2014-01-23 18:07:29
Excellent. Not in a huge rush as I'm still waiting on a bunch of other random miscellaneous crap. I just figure this option would be best as far as the strict rules go, space limitations under the hood, and simplicity of creating a lid that I can fill from up top inside the car. Keep me posted.
2014-01-23 18:36:53

Would you be able to gather up a few guys for this?
2014-01-23 18:41:29
Possibly. I'm heading into work now but when I get a spare moment I will try and contact a few of the guys I know that may be up for something like this.
2014-01-23 19:28:10
Bes can u run a fuel cell behind the bumper? Like how some people relocate the battery? Would benefit you to have the fuel weight up front

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2014-01-23 22:06:32
I believe that's possible but I forget where I heard it is no longer legal. They were "caging off" the cell with chromoly obviously to protect it in case of an accident. I have to dig deeper and see if that's an option as I would rather have the cell up front myself. Any of you boys know the deal on that? I would prefer that option IF its nhra approved.
2014-01-24 01:52:27
i know on most hondas they do run them in the lower section behind the bumper say where our windshield washer fluid bottles would be. But this will also involve a shit ton more fab work because it has to be caged in like you said because of possible contact and explosion with the wall
2014-01-24 03:51:21
Yeah I like the idea of the weight up front but its a little sketchy hanging outside of the frame rail. Not like the car is safe for any kind of accident but you know what I mean lol
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