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Thread: New tools. (files, jack, measuring stuff)

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2019-04-06 12:17:10
New tools. (files, jack, measuring stuff)
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This was originally posted in this post, but I moved it here.

I got a hot tip on a decent, low-profile, high-lift floor jack which I could really use, since my current (SUV-centric) floor jack is a bit too high to get under the M Coupe without driving up on boards first. It's no $500-$750 AC Hydraulic blue floor jack, but it's my poor man's Chinese version of one. I've really enjoyed using it. I can finally reach to the center hard points on all of my cars to lift an entire end all at once, saving time. I would highly recommend this specific jack if you're on a budget and you can find it for ~$200.

I also got a hot tip about the deal on a Starrett metric tape measure, so I picked one of those up. While I was at it, I figured I would finally get a set of calipers too. I got what I felt was the best of the cheap Chinese calipers at the time. I make sure to remove the battery when I'm not using them.

Up until now I'd only had two [metal] files, which were hand-me-downs with no handles (I welded lug nuts on to them instead while learning to weld). I broke one of them like a total idiot, using it as a spacer during a hydraulic press job.
So I finally purchased a great set of (Bahco) files. I very much like them.

I picked up a long wheel brush based off another recommendation. It's better than what I had, but maybe nothing to write home about.

$199.99 | Sunex 6602LP Lowrider Service Jack, 2-Ton | Amazon
$10.88 | Starrett Exact KTX34-16ME-N ABS Plastic Case Red Measuring Pocket Tape, English/Metric Graduation Style, 16' (5m) Length, 0.75" (19mm) Width, 0.0625" | Amazon
$28.95 | iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper 0-6" Display Inch/Metric/Fractions Stainless Steel Body | Amazon
$41.80 | Bahco 1-478-08-1-2 File Set, 5-Piece | Amazon
$12.49 | Large Wire Wheel Spoke Brush | Sparkle Auto, LLC via Amazon


2019-04-09 14:20:34
Nice. I like.
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