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Thread: Convince me not to buy a California Air Tools compressor.

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2013-04-30 06:53:21
I wouldn't mess with the oil less, waste of money. Get one with oil and two pistons/two stage, the output is higher they are quieter and are usually rebuild-able. You could get away with a 10gal with a two stage for most around the garage jobs. Mind the voltage if you only have a 110V outlet make sure the motor is two phase in case you ever do get a 220 hook up. If you have a 220V then don't wuss out with a 110V only motor.
2013-04-30 11:55:51
@jere the compressors I posted are dual piston. Not sure about dual stage though? I know typically oil-less is louder, but do you really think there is a quieter compressor out there? Have any videos of one?

I do need to consider putting 220V in the garage...
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2013-05-02 17:19:03
You already got a cordless impact? In this video, jafro compares electrical/air tools.

Good watch!
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2013-05-02 19:40:35
I have an older Makita cordless impact (1/2" drive) that will do about 70 ft-lbs max and makes quick work of most things I need an impact for (and is too weak to do any real damage).

I like my cordless tools. I'm not really looking at this compressor to use for tools. It would mainly be for filling the car tires. The only semi-convenient free air that is local to me stops operating at 5pm and for some reason or another I find myself needing to fill car tires more and more these days. I am SO sick of using one of those cigarette lighter powered tank-less compressors.

I'll watch the video later when I get the chance. Thanks.
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2013-05-02 19:44:48
Ben do you have a Wawa or sheetz near to you?? They "should" have free air
2013-05-02 20:16:35
Nope, the next best place (no joke) is the local fire department. I've ridden by there on my bike a few times just to get air. Although just this week I finally decided to buy a bicycle pump of my own! =P
2013-05-02 21:59:45
Great video Dala!

"I thought I'd tell you now, I brought gloves."
2013-05-03 16:02:26
Well I just made a reply but it I somehow got logged out and that post is gone :/

70db is still pretty loud, you can find compressors around 40db. (Search garage journal for dental compressor, you will find more than you want to know about quiet.) The quieter the compressor the more the price, you might just want to deal with the sound. You can buy or make silencers, and or relocate the compressor to and enclosed space to spare your ears. A shed or garage attic will do well, just add a remote drain and power switch. Keep in mind more efficient compressors will be on less, and you will have to listen to them less. Oiled compressors also tend to be rebuild-able while oil less are disposable most of the time.

If you don't need a lot of air and want to save money, you might look into using a fridge compressor. Listen to your fridge for an idea of how loud they are.
2013-05-03 16:15:31
That's exactly the kind of info I can use. Thanks jere!
2013-05-03 16:17:35
Buy an air tank, fill it with air, use that?
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