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Thread: Convince me not to buy a California Air Tools compressor.

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2013-04-28 18:47:27
Convince me not to buy a California Air Tools compressor.
I'm not exactly in the market for a compressor, but I'm sick of not having one. So here we are.
You know me; I like quality. I've always heard Ingersoll Rand is the place to go for air compressors. You can get good quality elsewhere, but they are the standard.
I'm willing to give up a little in quality if it means a huge gain elsewhere. That seems to be the case with the California Air Tools brand of Ultra Quiet compressors.

Thinking about this 4.6 gallon unit:

Or this 10 gallon unit:

What kind of a mistake would I be making?
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2013-04-28 21:59:47
10 gallon is the absolute smallest I would go, Id go with at least 20gallon tank if space permits.
2013-04-28 23:13:28
What's the reasoning behind that suggestion? Simply so I can go longer before it needs to refill?
2013-04-29 00:26:25
Yup but also if you want to use air tools that require more scfm like air grinders and air cutoff tools it makes for much easier and quicker work. Once you start using air tools, most guys usually more and more. Air compressor is a greT investment.
2013-04-29 00:30:27
bro go with the ten gallon compressor. Ive been down this road before. having to wait on the compressor to refill when you are wrenching away is annoying as hell. trust me on this one, save yourself the headache and go with the bigger compressor.

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what up george
2013-04-29 00:55:34
It has California in the name, and who wants to support that trashy state?

(Seriously you said convince you not to buy it.)
2013-04-29 01:25:37
I've worked with several size compressors at work. Get the biggest you can accommodate as time to refill is a bitch and is not only annoying can be quite loud as these things, even the quiet ones, can make a racket!
2013-04-29 02:42:50
Watch the video of this thing in action to get an idea why it might not be a big deal that it has to turn on often?

Right now I really only expect to use it to fill up the car tires, and maybe work with some sanding or die grinder type tools. But who knows, maybe I'll start using air tools for everything.
Keep the advice and suggestions coming.
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2013-04-29 12:12:55
I can almost promise you, as you slowly realize how much time is saved, you will end up using more and more air tools over time!

Barring quietness, the issue will lie in recharge time
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2013-04-29 13:48:12
I got a 8gallon 200psi CH compressor and I do wish it was bigger. Using a die grinder it empties out in no time and has a hard time keeping up with it. Next one is going to be a 30 gallon at least....
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