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Thread: What did you weld today?

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2014-03-18 20:17:42
pretty close but clears no prob!!!

waiting for my new tig torch nozzle to come in then ill weld it up!
2014-03-19 21:10:31
What we got in the shop today

2014-07-03 20:31:16
Some more 16g scrap metal practice. Feeling a lot more comfortable with the torch now.
2014-07-04 13:03:02
Looking good Chris! Here's some quick D ring brackets I made for the new dyno.

2014-07-04 15:28:55
Lookin really nice on those beads...
2014-07-13 13:36:54
So I've been wanting to learn how to mig since pretty much forever. Ive watched loads of TV programs and youtube on the subject. I finally picked up a used welder the other day and stocked up on some PPE.

Welder by Mattick22, on Flickr

It was CO2 but I can only get the argon mix locally so I decided to get a new bottle of it and a new regulator as well. Ill see if I can give the old CO2 stuff to the local pub in exchange for some drinks! I also got an auto darkening helmet and some gloves, because I really care about my safety.

Welder by Mattick22, on Flickr

Now here is where this gets interesting... When I picked up the welder, the previous owner let me throw down some practice welds which didn't look like crap at all. However, when I got home and got some scrap from the garage, I started having some issues...

Welder by Mattick22, on Flickr

For those of you experienced welders I am sure I can hear the face-palm all the way to my house...

Newbies pay attention. If your welds look like this, then stop immediately!

Welder by Mattick22, on Flickr

Chances are, you're welding some sort of galvanized or otherwise coated metal. This can kill you. As I am typing this, it is hard to breath and I have a smokers cough. I feel like I just spent all day in the London Underground.

Use my dumbassness as a lesson. If it looks like your trapping ghost in your welds, its probably not a good idea to continue. I have since thrown the piece completely out and will go to the recycle center for some stupid-friendly mild steel to practice on.

I should have known but for some reason it just didn't click at the time.
2014-12-27 23:42:16
Its been a while...sad to say I've left the motorsports industry, but doesn't mean I still don't build / weld.

Alphatig 200DX all pedal action 10a start full throttle set @ 80a; argon @ 20cfh using hybrid 1/16" on large pyrex cup from htp.
Delta bandsaw, deburred, hand filed flat, brake cleaner, no back purge, but used solarflux. Vibrant 3" piping, MF resonator w chopped ends, used a 45* piece as a turndown tip, had some scrap slip joints and clamps
What's it going on ???? One day I'll finish it, but if you're keen enough you can tell from the piping shape.
2014-12-28 23:03:18
I'm still a newb to welding, never welded before so I started off with TIG welding 16g tubing.

2014-12-30 00:03:13
how much argon cfh wise are you using ? from heat affected area seems like you are way hot than you need to be, what rod, tungsten are you using ?
2014-12-30 02:01:47
Originally Posted by nismo_star
how much argon cfh wise are you using ? from heat affected area seems like you are way hot than you need to be, what rod, tungsten are you using ?

3/32" tungsten, material is mild steel though, I notice with SS the heat affected area is much smaller then with MS, I run ~15cfm with a gas lense at about 65amps on 16g to 16g but more when welding flange to 16g tube.
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