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Thread: What did you weld today?

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2013-12-11 01:52:49
2013-12-11 16:12:12
Originally Posted by nsusammyeb

That's a krazy setup
2013-12-31 01:47:05
Few things...

Solid rear mount for my six speed swap.

Aluminum pie cuts on the Porsche.

And an a/c compatible manifold with no boost creep.
2014-01-05 18:01:00

Solid trans mount out of scrap 3/8" plate.
2014-02-04 14:23:03
Re worked my lca brace to sit a bit lower to clear the 3" exhaust and make it much more stronger.

Here is a before picture with just some tabs that bolt onto the LCA mounts.
2014-02-05 00:28:57
Made some retro headlights for the Porsche project.

The guts of a bolt on VE plenum.

A custom trigger wheel set up.

Using b14 brakes on b15 hubs.

Traction bars

Nice combination.

2014-02-05 02:17:23
excellent combo
2014-02-21 15:49:45
here are some practice beads I'm trying to learn how to add the filler rod. This is on .065 stainless had the foot pedal a little over 50amps. What's the best amps for thin wall exhaust tube? It seemed like any thing over 50 burns right through the back of the tubing. I'm guessing that's why u back purge though.

P.s these were the best looking lol the rest looks really bad.
Last edited by dorsey61 on 2014-02-21 at 15-53-38.
2014-02-21 15:52:51
gonna wanna stay under 50 for thinwall. use thin filler rod also.

trick is to go fast.

back purging the tube with argon will greatly increase your quality of weld also.

try some solar flux for purging if you cant afford an argon purge setup
2014-02-21 16:10:10
I want to get another tank for back purging but I will look into the solar flux for sure thanks Doug. I'll have to keep practicing cause moving fast and keeping a steady hand seems impossible to me lol. I think adding filler throws me off especially since I have to do it with my left hand.
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