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Thread: What did you weld today?

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2013-07-26 02:03:02
I gave up on buying collectors and started to build my own. It's nice to have a steeper angle or not so steep sometimes depending on the application. It's a nightmare to figure the first one out but after that you can knock them out pretty quick.
2013-07-26 17:14:11
I'm a DIY guy who doesn't like to spend a dime more than I have to. I build all my manifolds out of sch 40 mild steel. I make collectors myself. First one I made was with an angle grinder and cutoff wheel. After that I made a jig to cut the slices on a cutoff chop saw. I agree with the above, making your own is better as you can make them longer or shorter as needed. I design the manifold in the computer to determine how many bends I'll need and I only order the quantity needed. I fit the pieces using an angle grinder and bench top belt sander. It's down and dirty, but does the job.
2013-07-26 19:03:07
for the time it takes to make a collector one could be bought for a lot less.

as far as mild steel why would u bother making manifold out of mild. only way to do it it ss.
2013-07-27 00:08:41
wats the difference between both? ive was always told that stainless is harder to bend, does the same goes for mild steel also I was looking at the extreme builders kit, do you think its enough pipe to make a simple manifold, I am not trying to make anything crazy.? something similar to a sidewinder, maybe not as long or simple down and over one
2013-07-27 03:52:09
You need some good piping to make a turbo manifold. They get put under some pretty extreme stresses.
2013-07-27 15:19:38
deff need some solid piping.

thick wall sch 10 ss

for most manifolds.
2013-07-29 13:26:11
That's why I go with sch 40 mild. I'm not building manifolds for sale, I'm building them for my personal DIY builds. Why spend the extra money if I'm not making a profit anyways?

As for bending, I don't know about you guys, but I don't bend at all. I buy sch 40 90*s and 45*s, then cut and fit as needed.
2013-07-30 01:47:34
Stainless does so much better under stress IMO
2013-07-30 05:05:50
Whats mine made of matt?

So far its doing great
2013-07-30 17:20:56
I'm not trying to get into which is better and which is worse. I said I use mild steel because it's cheaper. I don't make money off my manifolds, so the cheaper the better.

Stainless does better under stress due to it's ability to flex. I haven't had a mild manifold crack on me yet, but if it does I'll just bevel and weld it up.

Back to welding, my GA16DET setup has been done for a few weeks now.

6061 aluminum. 3/32" rod. 3/32" green tungsten. Wide gas lens 100% pure argon. Cuts on a chop saw and band saw.
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