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Thread: What did you weld today?

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2013-02-23 00:22:18
very good info axion...I may pick some of the orange and light blue up and give them a shot.
2013-02-23 00:57:04
for the light gauge ss that we work with the ceriated works great. its not always orange. it can be labeled with grey band.

when i bought by nozzle kit from arc zone last year i tried one of the blue hybrid tungstens. i was amazed how clean off a weld it laid down on aluminum.

every tig machine varies as far as what tugsten works best.
i have an old syncro 250.

what machine are u using?
2013-02-23 08:18:57
use green and red as darts, it was ok to learn with them. Yes, lanthanated tungsten I use for steel, ss, even aluminum, I use zirconiated for aluminum work, takes heat very well, doesn't ball up as much as other tungsten I've used.
Bit the bullet today ordered HTP invertig221 and invertig131, for what I would've paid for the new s~wave 250dx. The deal was sweetened with combined savings for both machines, adding all the bells and whistles to the 221 and steeply discounted consumables, pyrex cups and gas bottles. So much for buying a new Santa Cruz V10 DH bike for the upcoming season, my Yeti will have to last me a lil bit more...poor girl
2013-03-09 02:15:22
2013-03-09 09:09:10
thats perfect!!
2013-03-10 05:06:01
after practicing for a few days to perfect beads, and actually mocking a jig to I would be 110% comfy welding....
2013-03-19 06:19:21
After some minor screwups on pie cuts and burning some holes in piping due to my own stupidity....

My next two patients to be worked on. IC piping for both cars, downpipe for one

Some work from weekend at other shop I freelance for

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2013-03-19 07:15:51
Finally allowed to show pictures of a Hot Rod class drag car I did a boat load of fab up during summer 2012. Unofficially the Quickest and Fastest J-Series swapped CRX in the World. Sorry to say no one in Hot Rod class is running a J-Series, let alone V6, NHRA Officials scratched their heads during tech inspection and to this date no one has run quicker or faster on all the Jswap forums. This is a full stock block, heads never taken off Acura CL-S 6spd recycle yard motor with 55-60K on it, full OEM parts tune-up, Motul fluids, lots of high end parts tilton clutch, DSS Pro-Axles(one off) Garrett GT42R(custom ported/wheels) tested a welded stock open diff, which ended up shearing at halfshaft.(3rd ever pass, Lee @DSS got a good laugh) Currently on OEM LSD, custom carbon synchros, revised halfshaft.
Officially has run 9.81 @ 139mph on low boost 14psi 570whp/580wtq street launched w/o 2 step. Last TnT session on 20psi 707whp/695wtq on a 2200rpm launch w/o 2 step got kicked off track for running quicker than 8.99, did not receive time slip and need to re-do cage. The car has not had a chance to run with wheelie bars yet.

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2013-03-26 22:38:38
Tough to follow a build like that^^ Very, very, nice. Hoping to get some people around here willing to dump that kind of money in a car.

2013-03-29 14:48:05
The owner of the CRX, known for a while, the car always has given him problems. When I needed help, he was the last person I called, and the only one that gave me no excuses. When the time came he needed help I gave no excuses. I didn't charge him a dime.

RB26DET S13 piping around tubs

VET G20 piping
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