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Thread: I think I want one of these ....

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2012-04-26 06:40:54
I think I want one of these ....
Millermatic® 211 Auto-Set™ with MVP™ - MIG - Miller

I have been looking at MIGs for a while as well ......this one looks pretty universal ...opinions
2012-04-27 00:15:50
I have a Lincoln that I will sell you. I want a TIG machine!
2013-03-21 20:05:51
i have 2x 210, and i have been using mine for 7 years, very few problems... the only issue i have ever had, and i have 2 machines, same age same model, that i had to replace the contactor on both. other then that, keep it clean and it will run forever.
2013-04-25 15:29:52
Been looking at welders and wondered what the least amperage one should get for general/exhaust work?
2013-04-25 17:00:04
I have used one of these and it was very impressive for it's size.

Don't wimp out and get a 120 welder, you WILL regret it. Always get at least a 230v Welder. This is a more then perfect welder for Exhaust work and general welding. I even ran mine on C02 (Cheap Boss) and it worked great. For a beginner, the gauges are real easy to read and understand. Miller some times has promotions that when you buy a welder they will include a free auto-darken helmet. It's worth going down to a local welding supplier to compare machines and get a feel for what your buying.
2013-04-26 03:33:44
the little 110 volt welders like the 140amp work great for anything light gauge. as far as exhaust work they are perfect.
i have a lincoln 180amp (230volt) which can be picked up at home depot for fairly cheap. takes care of most of my welding projects.
does up to like 3/16" pretty well.

ive used those bigger miller migs like the 211 before. im actually looking for one. they can suite any needs a shop would have.
deff dont hesitate to purchase one of those. if the newer auto sets are anything like the older machines you are good to go.
2013-05-07 06:24:37
Well I bought one today .....I thought what the hell , why not ....it might have been the sleep deprivation from the change to the Graveyard shift thats what excuse I used for the wife , she just said sure ....
2013-05-08 03:27:42

Here she is in her new home ...temp home till I build another cart
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