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Thread: Everlast TIG welders

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2012-04-25 22:06:33
Everlast TIG welders
Anyone have any experience with them? I'd LOVE to get a TIG machine for some light fabrication but the Lincoln and Miller machines are SOOO expensive.

I'd like to buy something made here in the US, but the price is killing the deal for me.

Post up if you have experience with the Everlasts and what your thoughts are.


EDIT** Because everyone likes pics:

2012-04-25 22:22:17
ive read good reviews, i was looking into one, or a used lincoln 175 or a hobart the base price is cheap, but you gotta add foot pedal and such, but for a china welder it has good reviews, check youtube
2012-04-29 16:19:20
I have a Lincoln tig pro 175 ....they can be had on the used market for not to bad of price , but I to have heard good things about some of the china welders ...they seam to all be inverter based welders ...Lincoln and Miller both have them as well , but theirs are not cheap...
2012-05-02 00:41:01
i recently just purchased my first tig too, i work in a fabshop and we have all miller dynasty 200 machines but they a far too pricey for home use. i asked the older guys at work about buying a eastwood one, they all within seconds told me no way, i ended up going with a hobart ez tig 165, and at first use its just like the one i use at work ( thats double in price) only difference is its air cooled instead of water, and the amperage is not adjusted with a digital display, but you wouldn't be disappointed, if your going to spend a decent amount of money on a made in china, take the time to save a little longer and go with a USA made product. the hobarts are more or less millers, with slight differences, and it comes with the foot pedal out of the box, with upgrade option for the hand control(not that id ever wanna use that) it seems like theres a very good reasons why the name brand machines are as expensive as they are....unfortunately
2012-05-02 03:24:05
Dynasty200 or 350 is the way to go!
2012-05-05 16:35:57
MultiProcess Welder http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/chinese-tig-welder-review-video.html don't believe the hype because its from the u.s
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2012-10-06 04:39:07
I've used MicroTIG 185 since March of this year, no problems what so ever and have done several projects free lancing between shops. I've maxed the machine making a 2JZ intake manifold holding 160A + for 3 consecutive runners before a thermal shut down. It has its limits, but for exhaust work its excellent since its so portable, will be doing a SW RaceCars cage in a S14 and S13 in a few weeks. I've owned SnapOn TIG250H2O in the past, but its bulkiness made me give it up once I freelanced work. I bought the Everlast as a cheap resort to get started, and have added EastWood Co. TIG machine as well, both are AC DC machines and work excellent. I've helped several shops over the last year or so learn how to weld w. their machines, such as Miller and Lincoln machines. One of the best and most portable ones has to be the HTP Invertig, absolutely the machine I would love to end up with in the future if the work is steady.
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2013-04-01 20:27:47
looking into a 160sth arc/tig welder. seen a lot of good results on other forums and you tube.
2013-04-02 00:16:34
I pulled the trigger on the longevity 200ex recently with a 20% discount and free shipping, when i get it ill see how it works, the reviews seem great and so does the costumer service, it was between that and the everlast 185 110/220 machine.
2013-04-02 04:39:02
The prices for non name brand tig machines is coming down slowly as competition in the entry level market becomes more saturated. The only thing that irks me on the Everlast welders is their torch, its so damm heavy vs everyone elses. When I weld for more than 5 hrs straight it feels like I'm in the gym curling weights, when I weld for 8 hrs straight on the HTP or Eastwood machine, I feel perfectly fine. I priced out a lighter weight torch for the Everlast, makes me not want to bother, and use the HTP all day. That's my only beef with Everlast, beyond that I've abused our 185 Micro for over a year now mashing the throttle with reckless abandon, and she's still ticking. My Eastwood took a poop on me when doing a aluminum intake manifold, which the machine refused to go into AC mode. Warrantied, but sold soon afterwards. The HTP has had some flaws, which were promptly addressed by HTP, I keep invertig131 in my NY garage, and the invertig221 in my NJ garage. I still have my eyes set on a Miller for use at shop in Long Island, but the Everlast 185 has been doing an excellent job there.
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