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Thread: How To: Progress rear swaybar (B14)

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2007-12-17 22:54:25
How To: Progress rear swaybar (B14)
The install was surprisingly easy, but there were a couple issues that i searched for and couldnt find the answers to.

Through trial and error i got things sorted. Hopefully i'll be able to clear them up for anyone who undertakes this install.

The instructions were relatively straight forward.

Jack up the rear of the car. Take off the wheels.

Disconnect the emergency brake bracket connected to the trailing arm. 10mm.

Its a heckuva lot easier to move the bracket out of the way w/ the ebrake off

With the supplied grease, grease up the bore (inside of the hole) of the bushings. this way the mounts will slide smoothly when you want to adjust the stiffness on the fly.

The bushings have cuts in them so its easy to snap them onto the ends of the bar.

Under the car, mount the bushing brackets on one side and the backing plate on the other. Put a washer on the supplied bolt, run it through the parts you just put on and on the other side of the trailing arm, mount the large brackets. The brackets have a groove in them that is specifically designed to fit around the bump in the trailing arm so be sure you get it secure. Dont forget the second washer before putting the nut on and hand tightening everything.

Finally you need to add the spacer for the ebrake cable. The stock screws on my car werent anywhere near long enough and progress didnt include a replacement set so i went to Home Depot and found these:

Do yourself a HUGE favor and get a bolt thats at least 35mm long instead of 30mm. These ones JUST barely fit. They work though.

Everything is pretty intuitive, but i just wanted to give people some visuals that are better than the supplied ones.

Torque specs for the hardware is 30-35lbs
and for the ebrake bolt is 4-6lbs.

Its a very nice bar.

2009-03-31 00:54:28
I will be following these awesome instructions tomorrow. Will take pictures of the progress.
2009-03-31 22:43:02
Well like I stated, just installed my Progress Rear Sway Bar.

I first prepped and painted it white with 4 coats of clear. Then started to follow the instructions. Perfect instructions and def. a 2 man job!


2009-04-01 01:09:10
Nice work!

How long did it take you?
Enjoying the ride?
2009-04-01 01:54:37
About an hour for paint.

Then about 30 minutes to install and adjust.

And the ride, well... let me just say, WORTH THE BUY!!! I feel a world of a difference entering and exiting turns. Impressed.
2009-04-01 12:21:14
Awesome man! I am really glad that bracket worked out for you.
2009-04-01 13:23:42
Yeah buddy thanks a million!!!!
2018-01-06 20:35:52
ga16lucino can you please upload the pictures again?
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