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Thread: How To: Install your GTI-R FSTB

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2007-12-17 08:21:07
How To: Install your GTI-R FSTB
Theres a couple ways you can go about this, the easy way and the slightly more difficult but cleaner way.

As you can see here I removed the PS bracket and had to bend the metal tube a bit and tightened it back up with only 1 bolt. (left bolt in the right bolt hole)

As for the PS unit/line I did the exact same thing. Unscrewed both bolts and re bolted the top bolt to the bottom hole which lowered it about an inch and a half so the bar would clear it.


Thats the way it should go no bending of the lines needed just unbolt the hard line from the hose and loop the power steering hard line through the inside of the strut bar and there you have it.

[img]http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k147/KnuckleDuster69/stb4.jpg [/img]
2007-12-17 08:23:23
Whoops just realized this need to be in the how to area. Please relocate thanks -Adam
2007-12-17 08:54:05
Just so people know. You can NOT use the red bracket on a B14 unless you cut it.
2009-01-15 16:04:35
~Knuckleduster~'s thread pictures disappeared.

That is OK, because I have basically the same damn pictures. Which I took while following Knuckles directions.

Further, you may want to check out this thread, or my follow-up thread which should be a "How To" in this section as soon as I get approval from a Moderator.


Here's the pics:

Originally Posted by Shawn
What is up with the bolts being too short? I'm gonna have to search out the solution. Yeah, they will work like that, correct me if I am wrong, but I want a quarter (1/4) inch or so above the nut.

Proper installation of a Cusco FSTB per the ~Knuckleduster~ thread. Once again, the bolts being just barely long enough. Which is not enough in my book. Un-accept-able.

As you can see, Knuckles routed the hard brake line through the Cusco bar on the passenger side for a perfect fit. On the other side it is a direct bolt-in. My mechanic took one look at the original picture by Knuckles (which looks just exactly like my second picture as above), and said "Oh, well that looks simple and OEM-clean."

I also removed my cruise control items off the firewall for easy clearance. I never used the cruise control except about once, and I'm an Original Owner. Our cruise control is vacuum actuated, and in my opinion, is way more annoying than helpful. It slows down, speeds up, and will NOT hold a steady speed. I can do much better with my right foot.

However, I was NOT happy with what I deemed as too-short OEM strut mount studs. Which is why there will be a "How To" on replacing them, authored by me, very, very shortly. Soon as a Moderator approves my new thread.

Hope this helps.
2009-01-15 16:29:58
Nice work on your post below Tokes!

Now this "How To" is actually a "How To" again. Complete with pictures.
2009-01-15 16:30:07
Keep in mind this was from a little while ago... but.

For fitment on a b14 you can check this thread... respectfully post 1 & 2.
SR20 Forum - View Single Post - ATTN: B14 Guys, Everyone!!! the Cusco FSTB Fits!!! LOOK!
SR20 Forum - View Single Post - ATTN: B14 Guys, Everyone!!! the Cusco FSTB Fits!!! LOOK!

The main problem w/ using the Cusco GTI-R Bar on the B14 is the bracket for the powersteering hard line... on the b13's the bar can't be put on unless the line is moved out of the way... (check above), On the B14 I took a little bit of Brennan's and Kent's advice and dissasembled the line (very easy) and attempted to fit the line around the bar. Well the bracket STILL got in the way...

I attempted to move the bar out of the way and only bolt the outside bolt in, but that does not work for the B14... So I said "F*** it" and took the bracket off... You have to remove the electric connector and remove this 10mm bolt on the rear of it... Very Simple

Here is a picture of it removed...

And Busted out the Dremmel on that mug... rrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn

Bang Bang Bish...

Reconnected the PS line, and Bolted it down... Double Bang

Here's another pic... Bang Again...

I thought I would have to remove the bolts on my cruise control apparatus... just like Adam did in the thread above... but nope... the bar touches it, but it clears fine... which made be happy, because my bottom bolt on the cruise bracket was pretty seized in from Ohio weather... I loosened the upper bolt on the bracket, to turn the electric connector bracket downward, but other than that... YOU DON'T HAVE TO MESS w/ THE CRUISE CONTROL.

Here is another pic bolted down...

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