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Thread: How to Bypass Power Steering High Pressure Lines

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2012-04-19 02:58:45
Nice write up. My sensor has been disconnected since November and it hasn't thrown a cel. My line just came in today. I'll be throwing it in this weekend.
2012-04-20 17:59:06
Vadim~ in total what is the currnt Degree of your line running into your pump?

45* would be half of 90 & be a angle like this --> /_

90= |_

135 = \___

is it a 135* now? (or around therE)
2012-05-16 13:42:47
It's 90* from the pump, then fairly straight (I straightened it out) to the adapter that is a 135* one or so.
2012-07-22 02:16:31
anyone tried this on a b14 yet? I am about to have to replace my line, and I would just like to do this. if no one has I guess ill be the guinea pig for it... Seems like the connections are the same sizes so it should work.

2012-07-22 02:21:14
2012-07-22 05:09:59
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
easy, buy a manual rack...done

How would this affect the ease of steering as compared to just grease filling it???

How long do you think that would last? Its not a bad idea, but it takes some modifying of the rack, and there isnt any real guarantee that it will last. How many times would one have to keep re-greasing the piston inside? Its not that easy! I would love to get rid of the pump, the lines and all that, but I also love not having to hulk the wheel around to turn.

So, how does yours feel? If you even have one... Theyre hard to find.
2012-08-03 21:37:17
15 bucks for shipping... jeebus Im holding off for a week or so, ill advise if it works by then.
2012-08-04 03:34:42
How long are your lines Vadim?
2012-09-20 14:01:19
I recently had this exact same idea. Was told by a few people the system will overheat if I ran it this way. Have you had any issues Vadim?

Mine is RHD so it will be massive reduction in the length of the line. The lien from the rack to the front of the radiator (cooling) will stay in tact.


Proposed rerouting with braided hydraulic line:

2012-09-20 15:34:51
I see no logical reason on why it would over heat. Actually it should keep it cooler, stock line is a lot longer and has exposed steel hard lines running behind a hot engine on the firewall.

For you that would save a lot of line! I would suggest custom making a line that is perfect length (don't forget to account for engine flex).
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