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Thread: How To: Install hose on your springs

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2010-09-02 23:56:50
How To: Install hose on your springs
I know this has been covered as a suggestion to the problem of clunking suspension, but the 'grunt it on' method is a thing of the past and a pain in my ast (see what I did there? I rhymed past with...nevermind)

Here's (I think) a forum first! A video how to!

At the end I mention c clamps and crescent wrench, I really meant channel lock pliers and only had one take at the video...so shutup about it

I mention at the end this hose

Was the one I used when torquing the nut on the struts down. Since you trim off a chunk of it during the VE install anyways, it is a good use to the extra hose. Take a 2" section, split it up the middle, wrap it around, use your channel lock pliers (the bigger the better as seen here)

Hope this helps. These are the two tricks I learned during my hyper/agx combo install.
2010-11-13 07:04:04
How big of a difference did this make with the clunking?
2011-02-26 16:16:38
Huge difference. Wouldn't ride without them, especially with how nasty my old spring seats were. ewwwwww
2011-02-26 21:02:39
x2... did this on mine many years ago minus the air hose. But helps none the less.
2011-02-26 21:17:33
the hose part number to use and the length would also be good info for this
2011-02-26 22:28:26
1/2" bulk hose from any automotive store i assume

it has been my experience in similar applications that it is best if what you use for lubricant does not continue to act as lube down the road. may i suggust rubbing alcohol because it will evaporate relatively quickly or some type of glue so it goes on wet acts as lube then once dry holds the tube in place. if you have an issue down the road it's not a big deal to cut the hose to replace it and clean up the glue
2011-02-27 13:54:55
Dish soap does not sit there at all. It gets gummy over time actually. If anything a more legitimate concern is if it dries out rubber hose at a greater rate or not. But since it's been years for some people doing this, that should be put to rest by now.
2011-02-27 14:03:50
I used lithium grease.
2011-08-26 04:38:47
Whats with all the racket in the backround? And why can you see all the way through the house in the backround? Haha, nice info, it usually takes three or four trys of pushing and pulling with two guys huh?

Nice info though, I will do this instead of the stock insulators for the top and bottom of the springs when I rebuild my suspension.
2011-12-02 02:25:05
Originally Posted by vqman
the hose part number to use and the length would also be good info for this

^What he said. How long did you cut each piece?
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