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Thread: How to upgrade your B14 brakes by raiding the Nissan parts bins

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2013-04-08 01:42:39
Bumping this. What is the consensus on rotor choice? OP says Spec V Brembo and others say redrilled Maxima. Gathering parts tomorrow and would like a concise answer
2013-04-08 02:21:43
Originally Posted by Char
Originally Posted by xCONWRATHx
Also, I'm not sure I would even WANT 12" rotors on the rear. And definitely not with the Altima MC as well. Larger rear brakes will already change your brake balance, and then the Altima MC will add more negative bias. I get drop throttle overstreer with stock rear brakes w/ cheap pads. I would think that trail braking would be a recipe for inevitable spin out with that much rear braking power.

ITT: People who think a larger disk=more brake force.

What a joke.
Old as shit, I know... But Connor is correct. All else equal, a larger diameter rotor allows for greater leverage, which equates to more braking force. I'm not sure why you chose to disagree there.

As for davin's question... I don't like these rear upgrades on the B14... I hadn't heard of them until recently, but putting a 10" or 11" (or 12"?) rotor on the rear of a B14 just seems like a silly thing to me. Especially if the fronts aren't at least 13" and you're doing serious time attack work with over 500 WHP.
2013-04-08 04:47:39
Im collecting parts for a track car build as a matter of fact. There isnt really any rear options for the B14 other than this. I would opt for p10 if i could
2013-08-10 17:14:34
@Andreas Miko
2013-08-10 21:07:26
@JimmyRustles as the OP I KNOW that the Spec V Brembo discs re-drilled fit perfectly with the Maxima rear calipers and brackets as noted. Any other options would have to be verified by others.

Also, if you are still looking drop me a pm. After Kimme wrecked the B14 those discs were removed in the part out and sat in my garage on a shelf rusting for at least six months. Don't remember what happened to them after that in all honesty. I can try and find them if someone is interested.
2013-08-11 00:00:45
Re: How to upgrade your B14 brakes by raiding the Nissan parts bins
I recently upgraded to aluminium 300zx front calipers on my sr20 n15 trackcar using n16/b15 hubs and 300zx disks (turned down 2mm). Much lighter setup than stock.
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2014-04-17 01:55:40
Originally Posted by happynole
I will start by saying this "how to" specifically deals with 200sx SE-R's that start with factory rear discs. There is also a way to upgrade B14 rear drums to this same setup, but since I started with discs, the disc upgrade is what I'm covering. I'm not going to cover what came stock on your car check the brake thread for that info.

I will be doing this upgrade along with SS brake lines on my b14 very soon. Have a 4 hour drive to Bryan's shop in SC.
2014-04-27 15:10:17
Originally Posted by davin550
Does anyone know how much the AD22 brake setup weighs compared to the stock B14 brake setup?

Not too sure as to what the stock weighs but the AD22VF calipers loaded with brackets weigh 10.75lbs approx
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