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Thread: How to upgrade your B14 brakes by raiding the Nissan parts bins

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2010-07-21 22:27:06
How to upgrade your B14 brakes by raiding the Nissan parts bins
I will start by saying this "how to" specifically deals with 200sx SE-R's that start with factory rear discs. There is also a way to upgrade B14 rear drums to this same setup, but since I started with discs, the disc upgrade is what I'm covering. I'm not going to cover what came stock on your car check the brake thread for that info. I'm just focusing on how to swap to AD22 (NX2000) front brakes and A32 (Maxima) rear brake calipers with B15 SpecV Brembo package rear rotors.

I'd like to give a big THANKS to Mark @ OEM for allowing me the use of his lift and facilities for the day. If you do not feel confident in attempting this procedure after viewing this whole thread, PLEASE get help before going any further.

A quick peek at the difference between the stock rotors and the rotors used in this upgrade, top left is the stock rotor, bottom left is an AD22 rotor:

The AD22's also have significantly more thermal absorbing mass:

Stock front calipers on bottom vs AD22's on top:

First order of business is to remove your stock calipers and rotors. Starting in the front, first remove your wheels. Loosen the 12 mm bolt that attaches the brake line to the caliper. (It is much easier to loosen this while the caliper is still attached to your car. Next remove the 2 14 mm bolts that secure the caliper to the carrier bracket. Remove the brake line and secure it out of the way. I used a zip tie to the spring technique. Pull off your old caliper. Remove and discard your old brake pads. Next remove the 2 17 mm bolts that secure the carrier bracket to the hub. You can now remove the old rotor. With the caliper and rotor off you should see something like this:

That splash shield will have to come off before the NX rotor can go on. I used a hammer and chisel to get through the shield at the thinnest point and then bent it open wide enough to pull off the hub:

It should look like this when you get it off:

Now you can put the ad22 rotor on and reassemble in the opposite order of removal using the ad22 parts. Bracket with 17 mm bolts, then pads, then caliper with 14 mm bolts, then brake line to caliper with 12 mm bolt. Reassembled you should have this:

2010-07-21 22:32:52
There is an even greater difference in rear rotors, top right is the stock rotor, bottom right is a B15 SpecV Brembo package rotor:

Stock rotor on top of the SpecV upgrade:

Stock rear calipers on right vs A32 Maxima's on left:
2010-07-21 22:33:58
Reserved for final analysis.

It's time to head for the pool as it's just over 10,000 degrees here in Orlando today
2010-07-22 11:25:48
2010-07-22 14:13:52
Probably needs to be moved to 'How to' Section.
2010-07-22 15:52:03
Did you keep the stock MC? How does the proportioning feel?
2010-07-22 16:05:52
Originally Posted by natethebrown
Probably needs to be moved to 'How to' Section.

I thought about that, but since this is 200sx specific I posted it here. I could always sticky this once it's done
2010-07-23 01:08:43
Originally Posted by jer_760
Did you keep the stock MC? How does the proportioning feel?

Yes, and I'm thinking I'll need to upgrade to the Altima (I think) mc. Will post more on that when I have concrete info.
2010-07-23 07:55:33
Got a part # for those rear rotors by chance?
2010-07-23 08:24:20
Originally Posted by Joekuh
Got a part # for those rear rotors by chance?


And the altima MC.
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